Daily Archive for October 16th, 2009

Hario Skerton Hand Mill

New to Sweet Maria’s, we now have the Hario Skerton Hand Crank Coffee Mill.  The grind quality is very good, and the mill grinds efficiently, fairly quickly, but not too fast. Like any manual mill, it takes some elbow grease to crank out a grind. But the work out is worth it! It is a conical burr design, so it can do a range of grinds from espresso to a passable French press grind (on the finer side of French press). It has a ceramic, conical burr set. It also makes a handy travel mill since it is so compact. I made a pretty interesting travel mill by combining the top of the Skerton with an aeropress (there’s a video if you follow the above link).By the way, this is not the Skelton or Skeleton … people have a funny way of getting the name wrong on this one. Can’t exactly blame them… -Tom

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