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Roast Coffee Pairing #21: Light Roast/Dark Roast

This week we roasted the same coffee: Kenya Nyeri AA – Kagumo Coop to two different levels. The first batches were roasted to City+ and the resultant cup is super sweet and wonderful, really the ideal roast level for this coffee. It was counterintuitive to roast the rest of the batches all the way to Full City as the cup changes considerably and more bittersweet notes dominate. As Tom mentions in the review the profile becomes a bit more aggressive at darker roast levels and this might suit some tastes very well. But for me, the lighter roast of this coffee is so much more flavorful and sweet. See what you think and try this experiment with your own roasting, so much can be learned from roasting the same coffee in different ways. City+ roast took 13 minutes, final thermoprobe temp. of 420, Full City took 14 minutes final thermoprobe temp. of 438.  If you examine both coffees visually there doesn’t seem to be much difference but the cup really reveals the subtle shifts in flavor that occur when you go from one roast level to the next.  Try experimenting with blending the two roasts together before brewing for yet another flavor profile. 

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New arrivals – El Salvador Finca Kilimanjaro, Guatemala Antigua Puerta Verde Bourbon, Honduras Org. Daniel Ordoñez III Microlot

New arrivals today: First up is the eagerly awaited El Salvador Finca Kilimanjaro. We received a reduced amount and have limited sales to 1 or 2 pounds. Read the full review but expect a bright Central with almost African character; mint, winey fruit, and tea-like tastes. Next up is the Guatemala Antigua Puerta Verde Bourbon. Want to find out what’s behind the “green door/puerta verde”? You’ll find an Antigua with apple notes in the profile and a nice balance of aroma/flavors ranging from caramel to malt. Lastly we are adding Honduras Organic – Daniel Ordoñez III Microlot, a balanced Central and a crowd-pleaser with nuts flavors at light and dark roasts, cola sweetness at a darker roast.

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Peru, or … the longest slideshow ever:

If you can make it through this entire slide show I would be amazed. But there are a few shots in here that make it worth while. It was a great trip, but with poor results in terms of the coffee. Yes, the music is from Peru, 100%. And so it is … and Good luck!

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Blooming coffee in Oaktown

Blooming coffee in Oaktown, originally uploaded by sweetmarias.

Came back from Peru and one of my larger shrubs was in full bloom.
The smell was fantastic!

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New arrivals: Panama Las Flores de Volcan, Sumatra FTO Aceh Arinagata, and Kenya Nyeri Ngunguru Peaberry

Three new coffees to get you over hump day: Panama Las Flores de Volcan is a high-toned yet balanced cup, Sumatra FTO Aceh Arinagata has rustic sweetness with a dense body and spice notes, and the second of our vacuum packed Kenya lots Kenya Nyeri Ngunguru Peaberry a zesty, dynamic cup with complex herbal notes and unique sweetness.

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Roast Coffee Pairing #20: The Funky Bunch

So, this week we may have completely lost our minds. The headline might read: “Sweet Maria’s roasts Robusta and pairs it with Sumatra coffee, are they insane?!” I roasted the Sumatra Organic Lampahan -Bonkawan Coop to three different levels (City+, FC, and FC+–426, 431, and 436 degrees respectively via thermoprobe) since I was doing three batches, I then blended these together to try to capture the entire flavor range this coffee possesses. The cup has wonderful prune-like sweetness to compliment the heavy body and low acidity. I roasted Rwanda Wet-Process Robusta to Full City with final thermoprobe temperature of 440 degrees. Try brewing these two coffees together: we tested a 50/50 ratio as well as one with just 1 scoop of Robusta to 4 scoops of Sumatra. This is not normally what we like to drink around here but my In-Laws would love to dump cream and sugar in a cup of this before a day of fishing on the lake. Ain’t it funky now.

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Splurge: Le Nez du Vin

Splurge, originally uploaded by sweetmarias.

I did it. Nez du Vin 54 set. I just had to train myself on exactly
what “fine lees” smells like.

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Roast Coffee Pairing #19: Confluence of the Preferred

Here we want to offer two of our favorite coffees of the moment. Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca La Maravilla was roasted to City+, final thermoprobe temperature of 424 degrees, 15 minute roast time. The cup is a nice combination of chocolate and fruit with a light body. Ethiopia Wet-Process Bonko was roasted to City level, thermoprobe temperuatre of 418 degrees, 14:30 roast time. There is definitely a soaring lemon cookie brightness to this light bodied cup. These two coffees are quite different but are a great representation of the things we prize in an outstanding lot of coffee: sweetness and intense flavors. Both of these are so intense in fact that tasting them side by side is quite challenging the one almost overpowering the other. By the way, both of these coffees are good candidates for roasting to Full City and using as SO espresso!

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