Daily Archive for August 4th, 2009

Roast Coffee Pairing #17: Kenya v. Kenya

Why do we offer so many coffees from the same origin? Well, we thought we would illustrate the differences between lots from the same country, same crop year, same processing, to show how different one coffee can be from the next when you are dealing with the specific lots the way we are. With generic, blended Kenya AA or AB coffees, there is probably more similarity than difference. But with our farm or co-op specific lots, there are marked differences. First up we have the Kenya Kirinyaga AA -Gakuyu-ini Factory, this was roasted to a City roast level to ensure the delicate citrus notes are to the fore.  Who wants candy?  A mere hour after roasting this roast is cupping amazingly sweet, so refined and balanced.  Roast times were a brief 14 minutes for each 20 pound batch with final thermoprobe temperatures of 420 degrees.  As a contrast, the second coffee we roasted is the Kenya Kirinyaga -Karinga Peaberry with a more rounded cup profile with a nice helping of jammy sweetness.  Again this 20 pound batch (slightly on the small side for or 12K Probat) was roasted for 14 minutes with final thermoprobe temperature of 420 degrees.  Each week I am attempting to match the roast level of the two different coffees unless the pairing calls for specific roast profiles.  We want you to taste the amazing origin characteristics on display in these fantastic lots straight from the “factories” in Kenya.

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