Daily Archive for July 23rd, 2009

New arrivals – Sumatra Lintong Dolok Sanggul, Sumatra Onan Ganjang, Costa Rica Genesis Miel, Costa Rica Helsar de Zarcero, and India Org Jasmine Estate Yellikudige

Five new coffees today: First off are two Lintong-region Sumatras: Sumatra Lintong Dolok Sanggul with rustic sweetness and black tea and Sumatra Onan Ganjang Cultivar which is a thicker body cup with tobacco and clove. Next up are two centrals: Costa Rica Helsar de Zarcero from the West Valley region- with chocolate milk and hazlenuts and the Costa Rica Genesis “Miel” from the Naranjo region- a bright honey-process coffee with dried red berry flavors. Lastly, we are adding the India Organic Jasmine Estate Yellikudige a mildly rustic wet-process coffee with molasses-like sweetness.

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