Daily Archive for July 21st, 2009

Roast Coffee Pairing #16: Costa Rica Pulped Natural v. Washed

Here we offer a reprise of our very first comparison, Wet-Process versus a Pulp-Natural coffee, this time from two different Costa Rica micro-lots.   With our micro-lot offerings, we have really pushed to expand the range of flavors that we experience from an origin, and I think you see that here, from the cleaner, crisper wet processed cup to a more rustic pulped natural. The Wet-Process is a refined coffee, more dynamic with vivid brightness and lighter body. The Pulp Natural has thicker body, quite evident, with fruited and chocolate backdrop to the cup and lower acidity. It shows how processing influences the final cup flavors, and helps the taster to define their palate preferences by presenting two clear differences. The Pulp Natural Lourdes de Naranjo-Genesis was roasted to City+ with final thermoprobe temperature of 425 degrees, total roast time: 15 minutes.  The Wet Prcoess Helsar de Zarcero was roasted exactly the same. We hope you are enjoying comparing both similar and dissimilar coffees side by side.  It is one of our favorite ways to learn about a crop and all the wonderful aspects processing can contribute to the cup. These two lots represent a couple of our favorites and have just arrived at the warehouse so if you are hip to our roast coffee pairings you are the first of our customers to try these lots, quite outstanding in my opinion.

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