Daily Archive for June 24th, 2009

New arrivals – Kona Kowali JBM, Costa Rica Candelilla Guaca, Costa Rica Magnolia Decaf, & Tanzania Blackburn PB

We are adding four coffees today: Hawaii Kona -Kowali Farm JBM Cultivar, a classic is back with sweet floral aromatics (Limit to 1lb) Next up is Costa Rica La Candelilla Guaca Bourbon, a great drinking coffee with bittersweet chocolate, thick body, dark fruits. We also got a good decaf Central, the Costa Rica La Magnolia SWP Decaf, which has with a ‘fudgesicle’ note. Last, we have the return of Tanzania Blackburn Estate Peaberry, a wine-like coffee with berry notes – a favorite of Kenya fans.

note: we should be adding Panama Berlina and a Kenya PB in a couple of days as well.

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