Daily Archive for June 11th, 2009

Roasted Espresso is back!

Back by popular demand (sort of)! We are now offering Roasted Espresso again! Some months ago when we introduced our regular roasted “Coffee Pairings” we stopped offering roasted espresso and roasted decaf. We think that the roasted coffee pairings are working out well; and now we are bringing back roasted espresso! We will offer one Espresso Workshop blend and one Standard blend for sale each week. Or maybe it will be a Single Origin espresso, or two Workshop blends – we’ll see what strikes us. We plan to roast the coffee and keep it in stock as an inventory item – so you can add the coffee to an existing order and it all ship together. We do have another set of four Coffee Pairings listed now too – so you can order the set, or just one, for the next few weeks.  Maria

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