Daily Archive for May 12th, 2009

Roast Coffee Pairing #11: Andean Neighbors

I was looking at Google Earth and pondering the relationship between the excellent coffees of Northern Peru and the odd absence of Ecuadorean coffee in the United States. We have a really nice lot from Ecuador now, the Puyamgo Loja, so things are changing indeed; but the potential of Ecuador coffee, at least in terms of small lots from particular regions, has not been fully developed. From the north of Peru, we have the Peru FTO San Ignacio Cajamarca region coffee. Geographically these coffees are not that far from each other, and are grown in similar terrain. But the differences in flavor offer 2 interesting interpretations of an Andean coffee appellation.  The Peru has a wonderful candy-like sweetness when kept in the City+ range and that’s what we were shooting for here, final roast times were around the 14:30 minute mark with final thermoprobe temperatures right around 427 degrees.  The Ecuador is a more balanced cup at City+ with a wide range of flavors harmoniously working together to satisfy–again we went for City+ with roast times in the 14-15 minute range and final thermoprobe temperatures of 428 degrees.  Checking back two days after roasting I am very impressed with the Ecuador lot we just brewed up here in the warehouse.  Yesterday on barely 24 hours rest the cup was a little bitter, and not quite as developed as it is today.  As I take my last sip I can taste the wonderful combination of bright alto notes and the nice body that makes this a really great “drinking” coffee.  What do you mean, all coffee is for drinking isn’t it?  Well, yes, however some origins excel at producing great mild coffees that have the right touch of both sweetness and heft.  Hope you enjoy two great lots from  these Andean neighbors, we already new Peru could produce stellar lots to rival pricey Colombian coffees, now we must recognize the potential for Ecuador to join the party!

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