Daily Archive for April 8th, 2009

Roast Coffee Pairing #9: I Can Name that Coffee In One Cup!

We’re having a little bit of fun with this week’s roast pairing and you are only supposed to be reading this post if you’ve already tried both coffees.  Take a guess as to what origin you think these two coffees are from.  Both were roasted to the same level, somewhere between City+ and FC.  In coffee #1 you should notice a nice brightness in this very clean, lively cup.  There is also a lovely floral quality and great medium body out of this Wet Processed lot.  Do you know what it is?  Answer: Sulawesi AA Wet-Process Toarco.  That’s right this is a Sulawesi coffee with as much in common with a Guatemala flavor profile as other Sulawesi coffees.  Which brings us to coffee #2.  Here we have a much more robust bodied coffee with earthy qualities that should be much easier to figure out.  Can you tell where it is from?  Answer: Sulawesi Enrekang “Mt. Alla”.   We were really trying to fool you all in to thinking that the Toarco was from a different region because it is the most radically different Sulawesi we’ve ever found.  There is a striking difference between the Wet-Process that is done with the Toarco, and the Wet-Hulling that is done with the “Mt. Alla”.  The former creates a very clean, brilliant cup while the latter leads to a more brooding, rustic cup.  Hopefully you enjoy having two such different coffees from the same spot on Earth, please let us know on the RoastBlog what you think of this mystery roast idea.  It is a good way to challenge your coffee knowledge and encourages a greater understanding of how processing plays such a key role in the cup results.

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