Daily Archive for February 24th, 2009

Roast Pairing #6: DIY Mokha Java

Mohka Java is the historic grandfather of all blends. The Dutch were the first to take coffee from Yemen to their colony of Batavia on the island of Java. It was clear that the same seedstock was quite different; the Yemen intense and brighter than the soft, full-bodied Java. Some genius thought a mix of the two would strike an interesting balance, and voila! So what is the benefit of mixing a coffee with one distinct flavor profile with another, and what is the right way to go about deciding the in what proportions? Or are they just better unblended, as two unique and different coffees? Is a low-acid, full-bodied Java more to your liking, or a wild, intense Arabian coffee. We offer our Yemen Mokha Sana’ani and our Java Kajumas Organic Taman Dadar to for this test. We ask you to brew them each separately and note the cup. Then to try the classic 50-50 blend of the two. Experiment with 75-25 percentages, to see if the effect. We hope to get your feedback via the blog too.  As far as the roast goes, the Java was roasted to Full City+ with just the slightest hint of second crack: 16 minutes and 441 degrees by thermoprobe.  The Yemen was kept a bit lighter to try to bring out some of the fruited aspects of this lot, so I ended the roasts after 16 minutes at 437 degrees for a lighter version of Full City, hopefully.

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