Daily Archive for February 2nd, 2009

The return of Moka Kadir and Liquid Amber

In case you had not noticed, we are able to offer the very popular blends Liquid Amber and Moka Kadir again, since their ingredient coffees are back in stock. While we are really enthused about the new “Espresso Workshop” limited edition coffees, it’s nice to have our Standards. But when we can’t find the correct ingredient coffees for the Standards, we chose not to offer them. In this case, there was a gap in time where a really good Yemeni coffee for Moka Kadir was not available, and that is a key component. With the Liquid Amber, the trouble was with the quality of India Monsooned lots, and with a perfect Robusta component. Both of those lots, while available from any number of coffee brokers any time of the year, are very difficult to find at high quality levels. We have a new Rwanda Robusta, the first time we have ever had one, and it does the trick perfectly for the blend! We’ll be offering it as a selection on our list soon as well, so folks can experiment with it in their own blends. -Tom

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