Daily Archive for December 5th, 2008

And 3 new coffees today!

12/4: And 3 more new coffees today! Sulawesi Toraja Sapan-Minanga, Kenya Auction Lot 738- Maura Peaberry, and Ethiopia Organic Wet-Process Kebado!

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Costa Rica Guillio Francesca – Finca Guadelupe

Uh, so it has taken me all week to finally write this post and that’s because we had quite a log of orders coming out of the thanksgiving holiday.  We’ve been picking and packing as fast as we can and just might catch up today, TGIF!  I just brewed up a pot of this Costa Rica from Guillio Francesca and it tastes wonderful, with the balanced nutty flavor profile that goes along with our light City+ roast.  This coffee would be nice roasted a bit darker with more of the chocolate flavors coming to the fore, but Tom wanted to keep this light so we roasted only to 425 degrees by thermoprobe.  The roasting profile we used slows the roast down dramatically toward the end which allows the coffee to gently cruise through first crack around 402 degrees and at 12 minutes in to the roast.  Final roast times were in the 15:30 ballpark.  I roasted the Moka Kadir just a shade past the Full City+ range, with second crack beginning to pick up steam but not quite full-blown.

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