Daily Archive for May 20th, 2008

Tanzania Hassambo Macro-Lot Peaberry

This week we roasted a great Tanzanian coffee to a City+ level using a somewhat complex profile. We dropped the batch in with our gas control set to “1″ and after only three minutes we upped it to “1.5″ this helped the roast pick up some speed, but not too much too soon. The big push to add momentum came around the nine minute mark as the coffee neared 345 degrees. Here we brought the gas almost to full throttle at “2.2″, after only two minutes the thermoprobe was reading 380 degrees and we decided to slow the roast down as much as possible without stalling by setting the gas to “.5″ This produced the gentlest first crack imaginable and allowed us to finish the roast at the low final temperature of 426 degrees. This is a good illustration of how backing way off at the end of a roast can help the coffee retain delicate flavors that may be obliterated by racing through the end. For the Espresso Monkey blend we used a similar profile but didn’t drop the heat down quite as much at the end, still the coffee entered second crack on the quiet side but had a lot of momentum and kept cracking in the cooling tray for a good two minutes after being dumped. For both regular and espresso we averaged 15:30 minutes roast time.

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