Daily Archive for April 2nd, 2008

Yemen Coffee Bonanza (and Tea! and Indonesians …)

Yemen Coffee Bonanza! It’s a first; we currently have 4 distinct Yemeni coffee selections at Sweet Maria’s, and one tea. Yes, tea … coffee tea … made from the dried skins of the coffee fruit! It’s called Yemen Qishr Tea and is a very unique experience. These Yemeni coffee lots are clean and balanced compared to selections from the past, and at least 2 (Ismaili and Sharasi) result in some of the best Single Origin Espresso I have had this year! Yemen Mokha Ismaili is spicy, lush, velvety, and a bit more earthy than the others. It’s the best Ismaili in 2 years. Yemen Mokha Mattari has winey fruit and chocolate, my favorite brewed cup. Yemen Mokha Sharasi is a lot I found in Yemen last November, delicate, fruited, refined, and an incredible SO espresso. We have other arrivals too: Indonesia Flores “Jade” is unlike the previous offers from this tiny island, rustic, intense, more Sumatra-like. Speaking of Sumatra, we have a great Sumatra Organic Mandheling that cups better than the numbers indicate. Read the review. And here’s robusta you can drink as a French Press brew! (Although we still recommend it chiefly for espresso blend use: India Robusta- Jeelan Estate Sitara. 
Yemeni Qishr Keshir Quishir ....

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