Daily Archive for March 31st, 2008

Guatemala Antigua Finca Retana Yellow Bourbon

All of our coffees have their merits but this particular Antigua is a truly special lot. Tom, Derek, and I cupped it this morning and were blown away by the sweetness and fruited qualities in our sample roasts. The lightest test roast was amazingly lively but one notch higher the flavors were more balanced and seemed about perfect, this was a City to City+ roast level. We targeted this on the Probat and ended up going only to 425 degrees with the roasts finishing around the 16 minute mark. First crack came on at 401 and continued up until 411 degrees.  As Tom mentions in the review, the care taken in processing this coffee really shows in the way the bean holds its structure with a beautiful crease and very little swelling. We hope you will appreciate the emphasis on the origin flavor characteristics with nary a hint of roast flavor to cloud this fantastic Central American coffee. Can you tell how much we like it here?

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