Daily Archive for March 17th, 2008

Honduras FTO San Marcos – Cocosam Coop

One glance at a handful of this green coffee and you know you’re in for a treat. It is beautifully processed and this lot got out of Honduras in top notch condition, not a fate that most coffees from this nearby country share. For our roast today we are aiming for City+, on the Probat this means a final temperature of 435 degrees and a roast time of 18:30 minutes. First crack happened at 399 degrees around the 12:45 mark. The resultant cup should have the crisp acidity, balance, a touch of apple and aromatic wood notes in the finish, asĀ  mentioned in the review. It’s mild, it’s balanced, but as it cools I think you’ll taste more and more. Approachable coffee! Sometimes we notice coffees changing a bit over time but this one has held its character quite nicely since Tom first cupped it.

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huila – thika – sana’a – kona

Here’s a wide range of new arrivals; South America, Kenya, Yemen, Hawaii. Wow, you can’t get more different (in terms of cup character) than these 4 lots, but each is a standout in their own right. I will leave you with the links to the reviews and you can sort it out. (You probably already know the ones that interest you, based on your preference for mild coffees or wild coffees). Colombia Huila – Las Piedras de San Augustin, Kenya Thika -Gethumbwini Peaberry, Yemen Mokha Sana’ani, Hawaii Kona Purple Mountain

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