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Roasted Coffee for the Holidays


Two coffees that ought to be crowd pleasers, if not super familiar names:  Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate, a unique estate coffee from the Eastern Highlands of PNG. Sweet and lushly fruited in both aromatics and cup flavors, spice accents, red apple, orange peel, syrupy light body. Roasted to a (light) Full City.  We suggest you try this coffee along with our other roasted coffee offering, India Poabs Organic Seethargundu Estate , a complex and surprisingly bright coffee, mild at first but intensifies greatly as it cools. It falls between the clean brightness of a washed Central and the rustic flavors and body of an Indo coffee. Roasted to Full City.  Both are very accessible coffees and a bit darker perhaps than we normally roast – which makes them a bit more accessible.   And for our roasted espresso offerings – we have the same India Poabs Organic Seethargundu Estate roasted a bit darker for a single origin espresso, and our Sweet Maria’s Espresso Monkey  blend.  Roasted on 12/13/2011

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Roasted Coffee from PNG and Ethiopia!

This week are excited to offer Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate and Ethiopia Illubabor – Camp Cooperative as our roasted coffee selections.  Each year we eagerly await arrivals from PNG and this year’s lot from the Baroida Estate in the Eastern Highlands of the country has lush fruit, spice accents, and a light body.  We roasted this batch to City+ to highlight these unique origin characteristics.  The Ethiopia Illubabor is a great Wet Processed lot that can take a bit more roast so we’ve taken this one to Full City to accentuate the bittersweet chocolate tang but the roast is still light enough to let the lemon notes come through to brighten up the cup.  We hope you enjoy two great coffees from the other side of the world!

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Upcoming Roast Coffee Pairing: Central American Reprise 9/21/11

Why do Central American coffees appeal to North American taste buds so much? Is it because they are clean and sweet? Or are we just accustomed to central American coffees because it is the coffee origin closest to us? Existential questions probably best pondered over a cup of Central American coffee. Here we will roast the Costa Rica Bajo Canet de Tarrazu, and the Panama Boquete Garrido Estate Lot 26-92. Both are new additions and will be reviewed and added to the site soon so you can read up on them. Both are traditional washed Central American coffees.

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Upcoming Roast Coffee Pairing for Sept. 7. 2011: Sumatra Tarbarita Peaberry & Nicaragua Mozonte – Un Regalo de Dios

*We are now going to use the weblog to announce the upcoming Roast Coffee Pairing so you can read a bit about what is next in line.  We always post this information on the main site:

So, go to that link if you’d like to place an order for the following pairing:

Sumatra Tarbarita Peaberry & Nicaragua Mozonte – Un Regalo de Dias.  Sumatra Tarbarita Peaberry has a rustic sweetness, with spicey hints of clove and cinnamon.  This should be a great contrast to the pleasantly balanced Nicaragua Mozonte that has mild acidity and floral qualities.  Sometimes we pick coffees that taste similar, but this pairing will really display the impact of origin flavor on the cup.

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Roasted Coffee Pairing #62; Guatemala La Providencia Dos & Costa Rica Cafetalera Herbazu

This week’s roasted coffee pairing features two heavy-hitters from Central America, and raises the specter of the never-ending (but not that serious) grudge match between the Ticos and the Guates. It’s Guatemala La Providencia Dos and  Costa Rica Cafetalera Herbazu. Finca Providencia in the area of San Pedro Necta of Huehuetenango; Guatemala is winning out on balance, a well-integrated sweetness and fairly mild acidity, especially for a Huehue. Pay attention as it cools, and mild sweet orange and vanilla-caramel emerge. Herbazu is from the West Valley of Costa Rica, entirely comprised of the Villa Sarchi cultivar. I went for a more developed roast to bring balance and sweetness to the hallmark citrusy notes from this coffee. I am cupping it with, well, ZERO hours of rest after roasting, but I really like what I’m getting. Ripe lemon brightness fading out with zesty bits of rind, cane sugar, honey, barley malt, and a bit of fresh berry. -Tom

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This Blog is closed!

We realized that we were confusing everyone by having two blogs.

So this blog about our roasted coffee is officially closed

All the roasted coffee posts included in our main blog:

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Roast Coffee Pairing #44: Brazil Daterra Farms — Benefits Grounds For Health Charity

Thank you for purchasing this very special roast coffee pairing.  Both of these lots are from the well-known Daterra Farms in Brazil and we bought them in the annual Grounds for Health auction.  Grounds For Health is a wonderful charity that does good work in coffee-growing regions bringing health care to women. Daterra Farms is a remarkable force in the Brazilian coffee world and has various plots with distinct cultivars, they then blend the various cultivars, like a vintner might blend their grapes from within a farm, to get the desired results.  The Special Bourbon Blend is a wonderfully mild and nutty selection with soft chocolate.  The Opus One Exotic is a different beast all together, very bright, almost rustic but still with refined balance.  Both were kept light at City+. Check out both Grounds for Health and Daterra Farms on the internet!

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Roast Coffee Pairing #43: Flatbean vs. Peaberry

This week we are roasting two coffees from Tanzania that are markedly different, partially due to their selection.  Nyamtimbo Peaberry is a lot from the South of the country, far from Kenya but with some hints of malic (apple) acidity balanced against a spicy, caramelized sweetness.  We roasted this to Full City level, final thermoprobe temp 435 and roast times around 15 minutes.  Mbinga Ruvuma Flatbean has even wilder notes of black pepper and dark berry alongside the aforementioned acidity.  Roasted to Full City+ level, final thermoprobe temp 440 and roast times around 15 minutes.  Both of these lots have an impressive creamy mouthfeel that help set coffee from Tanzania apart from its African neighbors. Flat or round? You decide.

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