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Roasted El Majahual and Alaga Sekala

This pairing features two outstanding lots:  El Salvador El Majahual – Tablon La Montana was roasted to Full City to highlight the hazelnut roast tones and maple finish, this is a balanced, classic bourbon.  We also roasted Ethiopia Limu Jimma – Alaga Sekala to City+ so you can really taste the jasmine tea and peach pie notes.  This pair will keep your taste buds interested for solid week, enjoy.

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Roasted Rosma and Panama Garrido.

That’s right!  We are happy to offer our newest Guatemala offering: Huehuetenango Finca Rosma in roasted form.  I love grabbing a recent arrival like this and roasting it up in the Probat and this Huehue has many of the prized attributes cuppers look for: ripe cherry, red apple, and rose hints dominate the cup.  While you’re at it go ahead and grab a pound of the Panama Boquete Garrido Estate Lot 26-92, this cup is more balanced with rounded roast tones, cooked apple, and mulling spices…perfect for Thanksgiving!  We hope you enjoy these two roasted offerings, both were roasted to City+ to enhance origin character.

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Roasted Coffee from PNG and Ethiopia!

This week are excited to offer Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate and Ethiopia Illubabor – Camp Cooperative as our roasted coffee selections.  Each year we eagerly await arrivals from PNG and this year’s lot from the Baroida Estate in the Eastern Highlands of the country has lush fruit, spice accents, and a light body.  We roasted this batch to City+ to highlight these unique origin characteristics.  The Ethiopia Illubabor is a great Wet Processed lot that can take a bit more roast so we’ve taken this one to Full City to accentuate the bittersweet chocolate tang but the roast is still light enough to let the lemon notes come through to brighten up the cup.  We hope you enjoy two great coffees from the other side of the world!

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Upcoming Roast Coffee Pairing: Classic Cups from Two Different Regions 10/5/11

This pairing is a fine example of the contrasts between a classic Central America cup: Guatemala Antigua Finca Cabrejo and a classic Africa cup:  Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Dumerso Cooperative.  The main difference will be in the types of acidity present in each cup.  The Antigua should display a well-defined, bright malic acidity coupled with blackberry and toasted nut, while the Yirg will have more ripe and slightly winey fruit with a big tangy finish.  We’ll keep both of these coffees in the City+ range to highlight these regional differences.

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Upcoming Roast Coffee Pairing: Central American Reprise 9/21/11

Why do Central American coffees appeal to North American taste buds so much? Is it because they are clean and sweet? Or are we just accustomed to central American coffees because it is the coffee origin closest to us? Existential questions probably best pondered over a cup of Central American coffee. Here we will roast the Costa Rica Bajo Canet de Tarrazu, and the Panama Boquete Garrido Estate Lot 26-92. Both are new additions and will be reviewed and added to the site soon so you can read up on them. Both are traditional washed Central American coffees.

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Upcoming Roast Coffee Pairing for Sept. 7. 2011: Sumatra Tarbarita Peaberry & Nicaragua Mozonte – Un Regalo de Dios

*We are now going to use the weblog to announce the upcoming Roast Coffee Pairing so you can read a bit about what is next in line.  We always post this information on the main site:

So, go to that link if you’d like to place an order for the following pairing:

Sumatra Tarbarita Peaberry & Nicaragua Mozonte – Un Regalo de Dias.  Sumatra Tarbarita Peaberry has a rustic sweetness, with spicey hints of clove and cinnamon.  This should be a great contrast to the pleasantly balanced Nicaragua Mozonte that has mild acidity and floral qualities.  Sometimes we pick coffees that taste similar, but this pairing will really display the impact of origin flavor on the cup.

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Roast Coffee Pairing #69: Panama Carmen Estate 1900 Meters & El Salvador Santa Ana Naranjo

Both these lots were roasted to City+ level, but to be exact, the El Salvador is just a tad darker. The difference (as we measure bean temperature on the Probat L-12) is a 425 fahrenheit finish temperature on the Panama and 430 on the El Salvador. It doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a small difference in the cup. With the Panama my goal is to preserve the crisp brightness in the cup, which after cupping it seems to have more red apple notes than other roasts I have done of the Carmen. With the El Salvador, I was looking for a little more chocolate roast taste in the cup. I think it’s there. Hopefully you will enjoy both these excellent wet-processed Centrals American coffees. -Tom

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Roast Coffee Pairing #68: Honduras Santa Barbara Smallholders & Guatemala Finca Candelaria

This week’s pairing is a good expression of the range of flavors in Central American coffees.  On one hand we roasted Honduras Santa Barbara Smallholders to a light City+ level to highlight amazing tropical fruit notes and light body.  This is a special pooled lot from several small farms and represents quite an exotic profile for a washed Honduran coffee.  At the other end of the spectrum is the classic, “crowd-pleaser” Guatemala Finca Candelaria roasted to a more balanced Full City level. I was really trying to draw a distinction between these two coffees with the different roast levels  and hope you enjoy tasting the exotic and fruit laden next to the chocolate and bittersweet.  Try them separately, or heck, blend them together and have the best of both worlds!

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