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SALE - HotTop Roaster Programmable - LIGHTLY USED

SALE - HotTop Roaster Programmable - LIGHTLY USED

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  • Detail on HotTop Programmable control panel.
  • Closer view of side of HotTop Programmable
  • The batch capacity is 250 gram (9 oz) meaning you can get a full roasted 1/2 Lb. from each roast cycle. (A scale is a recommended add-on!
  • Top view of the HotTop; it's like a scaled-down shop drum roaster that automatically dumps into the external cooling tray. The machine is a bit smaller than 20" long x 10" wide x 15" tall.
  • The HotTop has an ingenious preheat cycle before you dump the coffee into it: this helps make for repeatable roast results, but in fact does not guarantee them when starting with a cool roaster vs. a hot one. Above are three batches roasted automatically
  • hen you roast 3x the batch size of a Hearthware Precision or 4x the FreshRoast, you get 3-4x the smoke! The 9 oz. batch is ideal for some people (you can actually roast for friends and family now!). You dump coffee into the drum through the Insertion Chut
  • The extra smoke filter (you receive a replacement one too). This should last 20 roasts or more - so two ought to last six months or a year depending on how dark you roast and how much.
  • Front view of the HotTop. The cooling tray pulls air downward through the coffee and works well! (see my HotTop roast curve chart)
  • he top vent-filter allows the roast air to flow through the drum while the rear vent is closed. The burn prevention guards on top are important - this sucker gets hot in the roast cycle! Top filter should be replaced every 100 roasts or so.
  • You must have a hood over this roaster, or roast outside! Buying a cheap stovetop hood ($40) at local hardware store would do the trick - connecting a duct just to the back would not capture all the smoke.
  • HotTop comes with this nifty funnel that fits the bean insert in chute perfectly
  •  	The perforated drum has a spiral wire (blue arrow) and agitator fins in it to keep coffee tumbling during the roast. Roasts results are very  even in the HotTop.
  • The roaster diagram comes with the HotTop roast booklet. The book is very informative. It is important to read the booklet - especially the safety warnings carefully....
  •  	The roast curve of the HotTop is very similar to my commercial Probat L12 roaster, but preset burner control makes for slower roast times, ideal for espresso and (as I discovered) surprisingly good for the lighter roasts too.
  • The drum is perforated to allow chaff to fall into the collection tray, which is easily removed for cleaning between roasts.

SALE - HotTop Roaster Programmable - LIGHTLY USED

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Quick Overview

This machine was used as a test model and shows signs of light use, but roasts well!  Includes the offer of 5lbs of coffee for $10 more as long as the total value is under $37.


The KN-8828P-2K HotTop Programmable Roaster is for those who want larger batches than the air roasters, longer roasts, a commerical type roast-and-cool cycle, and a more robust machine.

Roasting with the HotTop takes an extra effort: you need to understand the sights, sounds and smells of the coffee roasting process to get the best results. But this method, roasting with your senses, is rewarded in a machine that gives a close-up view of the coffee during the roast cycle, and ... well ... produces so much roast aroma (read this as smoke!)

Yep, if you roast more coffee you are going to get more smoke. There's no way around it. With the HotTop, you are going to need ventilation to the outdoors, ideally by installing it under a kitchen vent hood.The roast profile reproduces the results of shop drum roaster more than the small home air roasters.

This especially suits folks who roast for espresso extraction, but in cupping the HotTops lighter roasts, I am impressed with the aromas and delicate balance of the cup quality. We have a lot more photos and more written about the HotTop in our Extended Review.

Price includes free UPS Ground shipping to the continental US. Hottop continuoiusly improves the machine and we ship only the most recent production model.  Note to our Canadian customers, there is an additional charge for shipping roasters to Canada due to the dimensional weight added by UPS and USPS. This usually an additional $30.00 we will contact you by email before we charge this additional shipping cost.

Special: For $10 more, you can select 5lbs of any coffee from our list (choose a 5lb up to $37 value; sorry, no Hawaii, etc.) Just type the name of the coffee in the blank space below.



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