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Roasted Coffee

Sweet Maria's  offers  coffee roasted for regular drip (or french press, vacuum pot, etc) and coffee roasted for espresso.  As of October 2011, we are carrying the roasted coffee as an in stock item - so we roast, sell it and ship it immediately. If we have roasted coffee, it will be in stock. When we run out, we run out. Shipping is no longer included in the cost and you can combine a roasted coffee order with other items. Just be aware that you want to pick a shipping method that will get the coffee there quickly.

If you roast your own, you might want to cup your roasts versus those done on the gas-fired German Probat roaster, and compare the "degree of roast" we have chosen for the specific coffees to your own.

For more on our roasted offerings, keep reading, or scroll to the bottom to see what coffees we're currently roasting

Regular Coffee

We choose our regular coffee offerings as a pair to highlight differences in origin, processing, or roast; to provide our customers the ability to study the flavor profiles of two coffees. This sort of comparison is what we do all the time. Tom does this formally when he cups a number of different coffee lots at the cupping table. In the warehouse we make a different coffee each time we brew a pot. Such a practice helps us focus on the flavor of the cup, to appreciate each coffee's uniqueness.  Coffees can be purchased separately or, as we suggest, together.


We offer Standard espresso blends - blends we maintain and consistently offer-  and Espresso Workshop editions. These later "editions" are blends designed around specific lots; the blends will last only as long as their unique ingredients last, and then they are gone.  We offer one Espresso Workshop blend and one Standard blend for sale each week. Or maybe a Single Origin espresso, or two Workshop blends – we'll see what strikes us.

Our roast style for espresso is light, what has come to be called West Coast Espresso in forums and blogs. These are roast levels that have not reached 2nd crack, and produce a clean, bright, lively cup, without the carbony, tarry flavors some people associate out of habit with espresso. So be forewarned! If you are accustomed to espresso roasts as black, shiny blobs of coal, you won't like our roast. If you are excited to see what other flavors are possible in espresso, then the Espresso Workshop selections might interest you.


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