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Coffee Storage

We offer green coffee storage bags (and a storage tin with a degassing valve) for our home roasting customers. For more information: green coffee storage and roasted coffee storage. You can read want other home roasters say about storage on the Sweet Maria's Forum. Also, here's the recording of a live video broadcast we did that covers everything about storing green coffee.
But please note that we do not sell bags wholesale, or to supply other coffee businesses with bags. We do have larger quantities of bags available through our business to business site - Coffee Shrub.

We do not ship orders for bags only. I don't like impossing this rule but we are trying to serve our home-roasting customers by offering bags, and not to become a bag supplier. If you place an order for all bags - we will notify you that we are canceling the order and will not be able to ship it. There are other bag suppliers on the net - we are not one of them!

- Maria



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