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Okay ... you don't need an expensive electric appliance to brew great drip coffee. Manual pour-over drip brewing with Chemex or a filter cone work well, as does a French Press for a fuller-bodied cup.  But most people in our fair land brew their coffee in electric coffee makers, and ironically, most of them can barely brew a decent cup! (I am talking about the machines, not the people using them.)

Cheap drip brewers invariably fail to brew coffee at the correct temperature; most home electric drip brewers reach only 185 degrees. When coffee is brewed at a low temperature the result is a dulling of the higher, more vivid cup tones, and incomplete extraction of the coffee flavors overall. Our tests result in more intense brewed coffee than comparable home machines when using the exact same amount of ground coffee in each.

The Technivorm is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) to brew at the correct temperature, because the water has to boil in order to leave the heater. Since there is no pump, and water does not fall from top to bottom like some brewers, you know that the water coming out is the right temperature. (Please note: If you live at altitude, water boils at temperatures lower than 200 degrees.) Brewers contain no internal components made with aluminum - the heating element is copper.

The Technivorm models are all simple, straight-forward machines that do one thing ... and do it very well! The Technivorm brewers all make the same cup of coffee. The differences are primarily in size (8 cup vs. 10 cup) and style. They all have a whopping 1475 watts, 13 amp draw which means they have the power to make water hot in a very short period of time. The machine is not well-known, but highly rated. Comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty.


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