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Nesco Coffee Roaster

Nesco Coffee Roaster

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  • One warning, the exposed base metal is really hot! The temperature where its marked "Hot" gets up above 170 and right next to the glass it gets up to 213!
  • under the chaff collector is a very fine screen that clogs with chaff particles between each roast. Over time, this might clog and reduce air flow.
  • Looking down into the glass roast chamber after the roast is finished ... you can see the chaff is everywhere! This is why you'll want a Shop Vac around.
  • Underside of the top end. You remove this after each roast to clean the chaff collector and screen -as with all roasters, residual chaff will affect the next roast. Update 8/04 - the lid is now hinged to the roaster body, which makes it a lot more conveni
  • You need to seat the chaff collector in the top end carefully before each roast. Much of the chaff is mixed in with the coffee after the roast finishes. A Shop Vac is best to clean this.
  • Looking at the roast chamber from the side as the roaster is somewhat near first crack (the cracks are too quiet to hear.) The chaff doesn't look good, but it does not impair roast quality. There's so much chaff stuck to the sides you can't see the auger
  • This roaster is actually in the middle of a roast cycle ... you can just make out the auger in the glass roast chamber. This is not a hot air roaster -it is a mechanically stirred roaster.

Nesco Coffee Roaster

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The Nesco Home Coffee Roaster uses an innovative design that features an auger-driven agitator in the roast chamber and operates quietly (about the same volume as a FreshRoast, and much quieter than Hearthware machines).

This is a home roaster, period. I like this model, and recommend it highly with a few conditions. To be exact, I feel there are a couple drawbacks to the machine: dark roasts take a long time and the roaster might have trouble attaining a full French roast in some situations (namely, on circuits with voltage below 110v - see our extended review for more details).

Interested to see what other Nesco users say about this machine? Check out the Using Air Roasters section of the Sweet Maria's Forum

Made in the USA.

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