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Used for brewing Arabic - Turkish - Greek style coffees. After a long hiatus, we have Ibriks to sell again!

We loved the previous model we sold - until they started to be made in a different factory, a different country, and the quality hit the skids. So we looked a long time for a new source with both good quality pots and something a bit unique.

I think we have found what we were looking for...these handsome pots are hand-made in Turkey and are of good quality. They have the traditional shape - and come either in plain, hand-hammered copper, or decorated with colorful glazes. Copper is more conductive than brass ibriks ... not a difference I can discern in making Greek coffee, but true.

I have listed the volume of the pots as a bit less than the wholesaler who sold them to us stated - making coffee in an ibrik, it is better to have more room than less to avoid the coffee boiling over. Either way, ten ounces is about 5 espresso shots - a lot of very highly potent coffee.

You might be interested in this: a separate page with full brewing instructions for the Ibrik.

  1. Hand Hammered Copper/Tin Ibrik 10oz

    Hand Hammered Copper/Tin Ibrik 10oz

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  2. Painted Copper/Tin Ibrik Large 12 oz

    Painted Copper/Tin Ibrik Large 12 oz

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