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French Press

French Press brewing is a great way to make a powerful cup of coffee quickly and simply. Sweet Maria's offers a selection of top-of-the-line chromed stainless steel presses from Bodum. This is the French standard chrome cafe press, well-made, not some wacko-futuristic, artist-signed, limited edition showpiece. Not that there is anything wrong with that.....

It pays to get yourself a nice, well-made French Press because you will regret it very quickly if you don't!

Remember that a press allows more sediment from the grind into the final cup; that is what makes french press coffee distinctive. Some degree of sediment is desired; it means more solids dissolved in the brew which imparts a more robust mouth feel to the coffee. Too much sediment is bad, so to balance this you need an even grind, so a burr mill is the best way to go. Another trick is to install a fine nylon sediment screen to augment the metal filter and remove more fine particles. Or just avoid drinking the dregs in your cup.

Extra sediment or not, we strongly feel that the advantages of press brewing are considerable, that it perfectly compliments fresh home roasted coffee (because the water and coffee fully mix for the recommended 2-4 minute brew time), and because no flavorful oils are lost to (or tainted by) a paper filter. Check out our French Press Brewing Tip Sheet.

What is a "Tasse?" 1 Tasse = 4 oz = but a 3 Tasse press fills my favorite 11 oz. cup ...go figure. I would count on 1 tasse being more like 3.5 oz. We have more tips on Brewing Fundamentals on this page.


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