Sweet Marias Moka Kadir Blend

This revamped version of Moka Kadir harnesses the same wild fruits and thick sweetness you expect from this blend. Its loaded with a wide array of fruits from tropical, to citrus, to stone fruit nectar, sweet the whole way through. In the Full City and beyond range, a brooding bittersweet chocolate flavor provides an added level of intensity. City+ to Full City+. Espresso.

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Moka Kadir is a staple on our list most of the year. But during the Fall and Winter months where Yemeni coffee - a base ingredients - becomes more and more scarce, this blend goes into hibernation until Spring. But this year, we've decided to rework the blend a bit, partially to continue the availability, but mostly because we wanted to come up with a slightly less-rustic version with the fresh ingredients we have available. The base is made up of two Ethiopian coffees, one dry-process Harrar, and the other a washed coffee from the west, that showed much more earth-sweetness, and rustic notes, and lower acidity than others from the region and from the south. One their own, they make a great combination, rich chocolate and bold fruits in our espresso shots. Taking the blend a step further, we added in a small amount of coffee from East Timor, which brought with it a level of dimension missing in just the two Ethiopias. All three coffees are extremely bodied, intensely sweet, and show quite an array of fruited characteristics. We roasted this coffee fairly light, City/City+, to Full City, and even into 2nd snaps of Full City+. It handles extremely well in the roaster, especially for a pre-blend of washed and dry-processed coffees (moisture equalizes a bit when pre-blending large quantities like we do). City+ will show the most variance in roast equilibrium, but ramping up heat slowly will help with this. For those who don't have that option, I recommend taking it to the outer edge of City+ minimum, and beyond. A great balance of sweet and bittersweet flavors is achieved, and top notes remain vivid.

The dry fragrance has a strong rustic sweetness that is like muscovado sugar, and maple, along with a multitude of dry and fresh fruits. It's a complex and sweet aromatic profile, a smattering of top note highlights lingering over a base of bittersweet chocolate and developed sugars. The wet aroma sticks close in-line with the aforementioned, and a floral elegance pops out in the steam as well - very much from the Ethiopian components. The cup is the culmination of all the intense aromatics, and more. Dense, thick body adds to the sense of 'brooding' cup character here. City+ roasts show red and tropical fruits en masse, along with a grounding sweetness of thick molasses and caramel. Full City roasts bring about flavors of stone fruit nectar, plum and peach, along with notes of tropical fruit punch. Top notes galore, there is still an underlying rich bittersweet chocolate flavor that lingers long into the finish. Moka Kadir is a true dual-use bland - filter drip as well as espresso. The latter will produce such creamy shots packed full of layered chocolate and fruit flavors, and a sweetness that lingers. As espresso, Full City and Full City+ roasts show extremely well. It's definitely on the wilder side of what we tend to think of as 'classic' espresso profile, but is so sweet and complex. Moka Kadir cups best after at least 48 hours ... we like to wait even 3+ days.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Varietal Heirloom Varietals
Processing No
Grade Top grades
Arrival date August 2014 Arrival
Appearance .6d/300gr, 15 to 18 screen
Intensity/Prime attribute Bold Intensity/Wide array of fruits - tropical to pitted, dense sweetness, layered chocolate, heavy body
Region Ethiopia, Timor
Roast City+ to Full City+ works best flavor-wise and in terms of roast evenness.
Organic No
Farm Gate No
Recommended for Espresso Yes