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Its an earthy cup with rustic sugars and baking cocoa flavors. Sweet and savory notes intermix, like cherry, nibs, walnut, berry, and fresh pretzel. Body is thick, cacao is heavy, and the profile benefits from at least 2 days rest. Full City - Full City+. SO Espresso.

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Sharasi is a coffee from north of the capital city Sana'a, and a region I had never heard of before my travel to Yemen in 2007. But when we cupped the separated regional lots, lots normally blended to for the generic 'Sana'ani' coffee, it was clear what Sharasi was contributing to the mix; clean sweet fruited flavors. What arrived here in the container of small-lots that resulted from the November '07 trip was a bit different from what we cupped there, more muted, lower in general tonality. But it kept with the same theme; rustic sweet fruited notes, and quite 'clean' in flavor for a Yemeni coffee. Since then we have offered Sharasi each year, as it always cups with a unique character, and is often the highest scoring Yemeni coffee on the cupping table. This year's offering is no exception.

The aromatics of this year's Sharasi are slightly fruited, like fruit leather, and with a rustic berry-like sweetness. There's a bit of bitter melon and sweet squash in the dry grounds. The wet aroma has more of the rustic side of sweet, with Baker's chocolate and sweet tobacco, and breaking the crust brings up the smell of banana, a bit of leather, and coriander. This is one of those coffees that we really prefer in the Full City roast range, bolstering profile complexity. There's an inherent 'earthy-ness' to it, that is toned down a bit in the more developed roast range. Body is very thick and carries with it a developed sugar and earth-like sweetness. Flavors of baking cocoa and cherry cola come up in the cup, along with hints of berry and walnut. There are savory elements too, like doughy pretzel and caraway seed. A pleasant bittering cocoa note becomes more prevalent the closer you get to Full City+. This makes a nice Single Origin (SO) espresso, or crema-producing component to espresso blends. Whether cup or SO espresso, like all Yemeni coffee, Sharasi greatly benefits from a few days rest. 48 hours is great but we found 72 hours to be best.

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Additional Info

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