Behmor 1600 Roaster

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The Behmor 1600 is easy to use, has smoke suppression technology and has a batch size of up to a pound at a time. It's an affordable drum roaster that uses pre-programmed roast times and curves, with an auto-cooling cycle

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The Behmor home coffee roaster is a simple, easy to use unit with a smoke reduction feature that makes it a pleasure to use indoors. Of course, it is not 100% smoke-less. You will get a little coming from the machine with larger, darker batches.

This roaster makes perfect sense for those who want to roast their own coffee once a week, or those who roast coffee for the office, family, or for gift-giving, as you can roast almost a full pound at a time. It has pre-programmed roast times, heat curves, and an automatic cooling cycle.  Best of all, it brings the drum-style coffee roaster down to a more affordable level; at $299 it is nearly half the cost of all other drum coffee roasters on the market.

The Behmor roaster has a strong feature set, but it's not without its quirks. We have composed a thorough extended review of the machine, with data compiled from months of testing the pre-production model of the roaster. We encourage you to read our review, scan for relevant parts, or at the minimum read our summary comments. Perhaps it seems odd, but we are rather critical of our products, since the goal is to match the right machine to the right person.

The Behmor is rated at 120v. If you live in a country with 220v oulets, using an adaptor won't work.  Behmors are tested before they leave the factory so if you see a little discoloration of the grill protecting the heating elements of your brand new roaster, it's a good thing. This is the latest version Behmor with matte finish, improved fans, improved small grid drum and low-profile chaff collector.

Every roaster ships with a tip sheet. Download the Behmor Tip Sheet Here.



Additional Info

Additional Info

Specs No
Details Page
Batch Size Up to 16 oz (460 grams), yielding 13.6 oz (386 grams) of roasted coffee
Control Keypad with 4 pre-programmed roast times and 5 power level profiles
Roast Time 8-25min Varies by weight
Heating Source Halogen heating elements
Height/Width/Depth 12.5 x 17.5 x 10.5
Volts/Watts 120v / 1630w
Weight 25 pounds
Pros Can roast up to a full pound. Quiet, easy to hear the cracks. Easy to use and clean. Durable. Economical way to get started drum roasting.
Cons Not good for darker roasts. Limited visibility. Must use pre-programmed profiles. Internal cooling.
Warranty 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Parts available after warranty from Behmor.