Nesco Coffee Roaster

The Nesco is a quiet machine with good visibility. The unique auger-driven design gives the machine a unique look with a compact footprint. This is a great choice if you need a roaster that is smoke free and want to target lighter roasts. It is made in the USA!


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The Nesco Home Coffee Roaster uses a unique auger-driven agitator in the center of the roast chamber and operates quietly (about the same volume as a FreshRoast SR500 and much quieter than the old Hearthware iRoast machines).  It has a catalytic converter that eliminates the bulk of the smoke associated with home roasting. It truly works - this machine has dramatically less roast smoke than any other home machine.
We recommend this home roaster highly with a few conditions. Dark roasts take a long time and the roaster might have trouble attaining a full French roast with voltages below 110v. Also, the chaff that covers the inside of the roasting chamber makes it difficult to see inside. The chaff won't affect the flavor of your just doesn't look very nice.  See our extended review for more details.  Interested to see what other Nesco users say about this machine? Check out the Using Air Roasters section of the Sweet Maria's Forum. Every roaster ships with a Tip Sheet. Here is a downloadable version of the Nesco Tip Sheet.
Made in the USA by Metalware.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Specs No
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Batch Size 5 oz (140 grams) yielding about 3.4 oz (95 grams) of roasted coffee
Control Roast time, recall and cooling
Roast Time 18-30 minutes
Heating Source Screw-drive agitator in glass chamber -convective/conductive
Height/Width/Depth 12" x 7" x 12"
Volts/Watts 110v / 800w
Weight 9 pounds
Pros Smoke-neutralizing catalytic converter makes it a terrific smoke free option. Nice size footprint. Good at targeting lighter city roasts
Cons Tends to bake the coffee because of the long roast times. No parts available after warranty and after warranty repairs are expensive.
Warranty 1 year manufacturer's warranty. No parts afer