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  • Sale- Zassenhaus Walnut Closed Hopper 169DG - USED

    This grinder has been used, but it works well and looks nice.

    The Model 169 DG Closed Hopper Walnut Zassenhaus mill is perhaps a deluxe version of the closed hopper mills. It features a cast iron top end that is very sturdy, on a walnut finish base.

    The burrs are the same as the other box mills but it has the same cast handle as the 154 MA, my favorite because it is more rigid. The narrow neck between the cast top and the bottom allows you to get a good grip on the mill with your one hand as you crank with the other.

    Both the bean hopper and the drawer are larger on this mill than the box mills - as the scale of the whole mill is a bit larger (dimensions are 9" h x 5.25 " w x 5.25" d). It costs a bit more than the other box mills, but in our opinion is well worth it! See our FAQ on Zassenhaus mills for more information.


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  • SALE - Replacement AC Power Adapter for Jennings CJ Series Scales - NEW, DISCONTINUED

    Batteries last a long time in Jennings CJ series scales but when they finally run out of juice, you can get one of these. Plugging your scale in is good if it lives on your counter and you don't want to worry about your batteries dying on you. This works with the Jennings CJ-300, CJ-600 and CJ-4000 scales. 120v 60hz

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  • SALE - Gaggia Espresso Machine - Model: New Baby, Black - USED, REFURBISHED

    This machine has been used, as well as refurbished by the manufactuer.  There are a few noticeable scratches.  We will provide a 90 day warranty.  This machine does not include any accessories.


    This is the original Gaggia home espresso machine in its newly redesigned Thermoset plastic housing. The Baby has been made for over 25 years and is a proven winner. It features the 3-way valve to release excess pressure, or to backflush-clean the machine (see note above about safety), as well as leaving behind a nice dry "puck" for easier cleanup. It has the same internals as the more expensive Classic model (which also has the 3-way valve), and a 64 oz. removable water reservoir. The good news is that unlike the other models, the water reservoir fills from the top! Overall this is a really attractive machine too (hey, looks count when it's out on your kitchen counter all the time). Along with all the other accessories, we also include our new top-of-the-line 58mm all-Stainless Steel Machined Tamper with the Baby (Gaggia includes a plastic tamper with the machine).

    Check out our Gaggia Details Page for more information.

    Features of the Baby Class:
    *Brushed stainless steel housing
    *Removable 60 oz water reservoir
    *Three-way solenoid valve
    *Chrome-plated marine brass commercial-style portafilter for use with ground coffee or coffee pods
    *Turbo-frother mounted on a ball joint
    *High wattage boiler with two heating elements
    *15 bar pump
    *Passively heated cup warmer
    *1425 Watts - 110/120 Volts
    *15.7”H x 9.6”W x 10.4”D
    *17 lbs In Stainless Steel

    No Canadian or other International sales - sorry.

    This espresso machine has brass components.  Brass is made with lead and so the espresso machine will ship with this warning label:   Proposition 65 Warning: Consuming beverages that have been prepared in this espresso machine will expose you to lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm.

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  • Espresso Coffee: The Science of Quality by Illy and Vaini

    Espresso Coffee: The Science of Quality is by Rinantonio Viani of Nestle Research Laboratories in Switzerland and Andreas Illy of Illycafe and Nestle. This is the hardcover, rewritten Second Edition of the famous Espresso Coffee: The Chemistry of Quality. Famous? Well, among home roasters it is, because there are just too many "coffee recipe" and hokey espresso cookbooks out there ... and this book is 180 degrees opposite.

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  • Coffee: Growing, Processing, Sustainable Production by Jean Wintgens

    This is the mother of all coffee books. Sure, Illy likes to show off what they know, but Nestle, Kraft, P&G etc have far more information. That is what this book is, a compendium of information from seasoned researchers and professionals, with quite a few (like Wintgens himself) having spent quite some time at Nestle. This book is oriented towards those with real information needs about coffee production, or those with an insatiable appetite for coffee information.

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  • Coffee Flavor Chemistry by Ivon Flament

    This book is not for you! Okay, maybe it is, but only of you are either a. in the coffee trade; b. have a strong science background; c. are an incessant know-it-all; or d. are a hardcore home roaster. This is much more of a reference book than a reading book. Now that I have said everything wrong with it, let me say now that it is fantastic and a must-have volume for every serious coffee library.

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  • Coffee Cupper's Handbook by Ted Lingle

    The full edition of the Coffee Cupper's Handbook by Ted Lingle.  This is a 66 Page, 8.5 x 11 cupping manual that includes a full-color reproduction of the Coffee Cupper's Flavor Wheel on the inside covers ... very handy!
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  • The Professional Barista's Handbook by Scott Rao

    The Professional Barista's Handbook is a very efficient training manual for espresso, and features some great information on brewing too (plus a couple pages on tea ... why?) I was impressed with how concise it is, and how useful it will be for the home enthusiast.

    Best of all, it cuts to the chase and shows the core methods for achieving great extraction without making you read too much theory. It also avoids being too specific in showing just one technique. In other words, read this book and over time you surely will develop your own variations. That's the way it should be.

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  • Home Coffee Roasting: Romance and Revival by Kenneth Davids

    The book for home roasting --- for newbies and oldbies alike. A must-have. This is the latest edition (late 2003), and the only book devoted entirely to home roasting. It happens to be an excellent resource and reference for our craft. A book that is both technically descriptive and fun to read, you might notice references to it throughout our web pages.


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