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The Hottop Basic is for you, if you understand coffee roasting basics, want up to a 1/2lb batch, longer roasts, a commercial type roast-and-external cool cycle, and a tough machine. The sight glass offers you a close-up view of the coffee during the roast cycle. The roaster produces a lot of smoke that you will need to ventilate out of our kitchen or garage.

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The KN-8828B-2K HotTop Basic Roaster is for those who want larger batches than the air roasters, longer roasts, a commercial type roast-and-cool cycle, and a more robust machine.

Roasting with the Hottop takes an extra effort: you need to understand the sights, sounds and smells of the coffee roasting process to get the best results. But this method, roasting with your senses, is rewarded in a machine that gives a close-up view of the coffee during the roast cycle, and ... well ... produces so much roast aroma (read this as smoke!) Yep, if you roast more coffee you are going to get more smoke. There's no way around it. You are going to need ventilation, ideally by using it under a kitchen vent hood.The roast profile reproduces the results of shop drum roaster more than the small home air roasters.

This especially suits folks who roast for espresso extraction, but when cupping the Hottops lighter roasts, we were impressed with the aromas and delicate balance of the cup quality. We have a lot more photos and more written about the HotTop in our Extended Review.

Price includes free UPS Ground shipping to the continental US.  Hottop continuously improves the machine and we ship only the most recent production model. Most recently Hottop added a manual eject button - so you can force the beans to eject in case the eject button fails to work.

Special: For $10 more, you can select 5lbs of any coffee from our list (choose a 5lb up to $37 value; sorry, no Hawaii, etc.)

Every Roaster we sell ships with a tip sheet. Download the Hot Top Tip Sheet Here.



Additional Info

Additional Info

Specs No
Details Page
Batch Size 9 oz (255 grams) yielding 7.65 oz (217 grams) of roasted coffee
Control Color LCD display. Keypad allows for manual control over all roast parameters.
Roast Time 15 to 17 minutes
Heating Source Electric heating element in drum area.
Height/Width/Depth 20" x 10" x 15"
Volts/Watts 110v / 750w
Weight 19
Pros Built in line voltage control; Color LCD display: Quick external cooling, Support and parts available on Hottop's website.
Cons Expensive; Difficult to clean
Warranty 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Parts availabile at