Green coffee is decaffeinated before roasting. This process changes the color of the green coffee: it varies from light brown (Natural and CO-2) to green-brown (MC and Swiss Water Process -SWP- decafs). There is another decaf we list as WP, Water Process, which is a water filtration method similar to Swiss Water, but performed at a plant in Mexico. The arrival of decafs always follows the main crop of a coffee by some months, since the coffee needs to be shipped to the decaffeination plant. Oddly, there are only a few such plants in the world, so decaf coffee has to travel a long way usually from origin, to plant and then to the buyer's country. This adds to the cost too, so decafs are often a bit pricier.


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  • Sweet Marias Decaf Espresso Donkey Blend

    Fruited cup profile, some sweet bright accents, medium body. FC+ to a light Vienna is recommended. Learn More
    Price From: $7.45

  • Mexico FTO Chiapas WP Decaf

    This is a well balanced decaf, with malt grain, dried stone fruits, and raw cane sugar. The sweetness found in the cup extends through to the finish. This coffee cups best at City+-Full City roast levels, but will handle Full City+ roasts just fine. Its a nice decaf and works well for espresso too. City+ to Full City+. Learn More
    Price From: $6.55

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  • Costa Rica Familia Bonilla SWP Decaf

    This Costa Rica decaf shows balance, and is on the milder end of the spectrum. This is a net positive, as whats in the cup is equal parts dark sugar and cocoa flavors. Very gentle allusions to apple and pear come out at City+, but the focus is on balance of sweet/bittersweet flavor aspects. A nice, clean decaf. City+ to Full City. Learn More
    Price From: $7.05

  • Ethiopia Dumerso-Kochore SWP Decaf

    Two Yirga Cheffes, two different processes, this one tastes more typically Ethiopia than decaf. Floral, fruited, bright, complex, many adjectives we used for the non-decaf counterparts come to mind when cupping. The DP element brings mixed berry, tropical fruits, and hefty body, balanced by black tea, florals, and citrus highlights from the washed ingredient. A complex cup of coffee! City to Full City. Learn More
    Price From: $7.30

  • Guatemala San Diego Buena Vista SWP Decaf

    San Diego Buena Vista turned out to be a great decaf coffee. Caramel and dark sugar sweetness, highlighted by top notes of cherry and apple. Its a bodied cup, and an array of chocolate flavors build with roast level. Nice, sweet daily drinking coffee with classic Guatemala characteristics. City+ to Full City+. SO Espresso. Learn More
    Price From: $7.25

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