Sweet Maria's would like to be your information source and green coffee supplier for your home coffee roasting adventures. Home roasting is easy! It only takes 5 to 15 minutes and your reward is the freshest coffee around. It requires no fancy equipment and green coffee from Sweet Maria's is half the price of good roasted coffee from a retailer. We have a huge selection of green coffees, each carefully cupped and rated for quality.

We are more than just another online store, we are a virtual coffee university. Simply put, we really like what we do ...

Green Coffee Beans

We are very proud of our unroasted green coffee selection of 50+ types. Each is meticulously cup-rated, and selected from particular current crop lots, representing the "best of the best!"

New Arrivals

  • August 1, 2014: Sliding right into August with 4 new single-origin coffees, as well as a much anticipated Workshop blend! Brazil Dry Process Fazenda IP Yellow Bourbon is another nice natural from Carmo de Minas region, bodied, sweet, cocoa and dried fruit - makes great brewed cup and espresso. We added 2 new Guatemalan coffees, Guatemala Antigua - Finca Pavon is a stunner dual-use coffee, raw sugar sweetness, and moderate highlights make for a super clean and balanced cup. Guatemala Huehuetenango El Turbante shows apple sweetness and nut, a nice Huehue coffee. And last but certainly not least, a new dual use blend, Workshop Blend #32 - MLA. This is versatile in every way, made up of washed Guatemala and Ethiopia, as well as 1 part dry-process Ethiopia, deeply sweet, fruited, and bodied from light to dark roast levels. As espresso or a brewed coffee, this one is sure to keep em' talking!
  • July 17, 2014: Three new coffees are available and ready to go! Guatemala Cuilco - Finca El Regalito has a dense brown sugar sweetness and fruits like golden raisin, apricot, plum and black currant. Malic acidity cuts through along with an undercurrent of bittersweet cocoa that lasts long into the finish. Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul - Familia Castillo brings honeyed sweetness, roasted nuts, and fruited top notes. This lot builds chocolate flavors with roast and makes a great daily cup of coffee with a medium body. Kenya Nyeri Rukira Peaberry showcases blackberry, raspberry, pomegranate, and citrus, in this dynamic cup. Flavors grow and shift as the cup cools, from jammy fruits, to citric high notes, to tart pomegranate, this coffee has it all in spades.
  • July 10, 2014: We're headed toward the weekend with three new Central American coffees. Honduras Ocotepeque Manuel Espana is a nice daily drinker, with balance between flavors of dark sugar, toasted nut, and tea-like acidity. Costa Rica Roger Solis La Casona is one of two coffees we're adding from San Martin de Tarrazu. This one's fully washed and shows ultra-sweet caramelized sugar flavors along with brilliant, berry-like acidity. And finally Costa Rica Yellow Honey San Marcos Arracache is a cleanly fruited pulp-natural coffee, boasting a complex profile with aspects of stone fruit, citrus, nut, and black tea. These three together are actually a nice cross-section of Central American coffee, showcasing just how wide the variety of cup characteristics can be from one region to the next as well as with varying processes - throw in a Guatemala and you're set for a Central America cup test!

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There are lots of ways to communicate with us and other home roasters: we post new items to the SM Weblog frequently; you can sign up for the bi-weekly Sweet Maria's Emailer; the Forum allows you to get connected with other home roasters. There is also a Home Coffee Roasting Mailing List , an email discussion forum for folks who prefer that sort of format. And see the RSS feed "new coffee feed" to keep up to date on coffees added to our Green Coffee Offerings.

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