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Central America 1 lb 2 lbs 5 lbs 10 lbs 20 lbs *
Costa Rica Helsar - Leo Rojas Rola $6.30 add to cart$11.97 add to cart$27.41add to cart$52.29add to cart$100.02add to cart
Leo Rojas coffee is a classic Costa Rica coffee, moderately bright, sweetly fruited coffee balanced by pleasantly bittering roast taste. Dark sugar and malt notes, chocolate almond and cinnamon stick. Not great for the lightest roast level (City). We feel City+ to Full City+ roast levels are ideal
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Costa Rica Helsar - Nancy $6.20 add to cart$11.78 add to cart$26.97add to cart$51.46add to cart$98.48add to cart
Nicely fruited coffee, balanced with cocoa powder, and honey sweetness. It's a slightly lower acid cup than our other Costas, but defined, and with a green-apple tartness. There are lots of sugar browning notes as well, and darker roasts verge on dark malt syrup. Pleasantly nutty, with flavors of hazelnut. This coffee packs hefty body too. City+ to Full City+.
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Guatemala Volcan de Fuego Guacatepeque $6.00 add to cart$11.40 add to cart$26.10add to cart$49.80add to cart$95.40add to cart
Crowd pleaser. The cup has caramelized-sugar sweetness, and notes of almond and tangerine. There's a honeyed mouthfeel, silky and cleansing, and with a mandarin like acidity. There's a 'freshness' like raw Brazil and hazelnut, and with a bit of Ricola, and coriander. Developed roasts reveal a bit of milk chocolate melding with smokey roast flavors. City+ to Full City+.
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Guatemala Alotenango Finca Candelaria $5.95 add to cart$11.31 add to cart$25.88add to cart$49.39add to cart$94.63add to cart
Clean brightness, mild citrus acidity shifting toward citrus zest in the finish. There's a hefty sugar caramelization flavor, like blackstrap molasses, with a sweet, milk chocolate aftertaste. Dark roasts have a dense brownie note, but still showcases refreshing acidity breathing life into layered chocolate flavors. A very balanced brewed coffee, as well as great SO espresso. City to Full City+.
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Guatemala Acatenango Finca San Diego Buena Vista $6.15 add to cart$11.69 add to cart$26.75add to cart$51.05add to cart$97.71add to cart
The cup has a fairly straight forward toffee covered almond flavor with high % cacao bar. There's a great relationship between sweetness and bittersweetness, striking a nice balance in the cup. There's a citrus element too, but more like citrus zest in the finish, and not so much the 'juicy' aspect. This tastes like a well-rested Guatemala - something often lacking in these early harvest coffees. As espresso, this one's a killer - dark cacao, candied nut, and citrus oil. City+ to Full City+.
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South America 1 lb 2 lbs 5 lbs 10 lbs 20 lbs *
Colombia Familia Guerra - La Isla $6.70 add to cart$12.73 add to cartLimit 2 pounds
Fruit-forward cup with notes of Comice pear, honey tangerine, white grape juice, and plum jam. There's a structured sugar sweetness too, like simple syrup. City to City+ roasts are very complex, and with acidity that lies somewhere between pear and apple juice. Dark roasts harness more roast flavors and develop a cocoa powder, chocolate note, but still remain very complex and fruited. Body is also definitely bolstered with roast. Great dual-use Colombia. City to Full City.
Full Review
Brazil Fazenda Santa Ines - Samantha Junqueira $6.50 add to cart$12.35 add to cart$28.28add to cartLimit 5 pounds
Caramel flavors in the cup, a malty sweetness, and a distinct apple flavor. Much of the fruit in light roasts come off as thick, and like nectar - with flavors of peach, pear, nectarine. There's a faint walnut flavor too, that seems to be most in focus in the finish. Full City roasts retain a dark cacao sweetness that sits well with smokey flavors of roast, and a slight, apple juice-like acidity peeks through. Great SO espresso. City+ to Full City+.
Full Review
Colombia Familia Guerra - La Gallineta $6.50 add to cart$12.35 add to cart$28.28add to cartLimit 5 pounds
Refreshing flavor of apple juice, pear, golden plum replete with tart skins, along with a vibrant malic acidity. Flavors of cocoa come out in the finish and the coffee has a central sweetness throughout. The body is nectar-like, and with caramel sugar and malt chocolate syrup at darker roast levels. Great SO espresso. City to Full City+
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Brazil Dry-Process Fazenda IP Yellow Bourbon $5.95 add to cart$11.31 add to cart$25.88add to cart$49.39add to cart$94.63add to cart
The cup varies quite a bit along the roast spectrum. City+ roasts have a nice malt sugar note with flavors of hazelnut, baked peach and a slight pineapple note. There's even a gentle, but present acidity to it that plays more of a role in mouthfeel than flavor. Full City roasts are very chocolatey, and have a big of raw cacao nib flavor as well, that pairs well with flavors of roast for those interested in taking it to an even darker level. City+ to Full City.
Full Review
Brazil Dry-Process Familia Campos $6.50 add to cart$12.35 add to cart$28.28add to cartLimit 5 pounds
Up front sweetness with flavors of date sugar, molasses, raisin, and a bit of cooked banana. Hitting Full City brings on notes of red raspberry, green tea, and even a hint of coriander. This coffee has a unique acidity for a Brazil, that while not 'loud', it has an initial refreshing, mouth-cleansing brightness to it. It's a bodied coffee, with a weight and feel similar to whole milk. The finish has a dusty cocoa powder flavor. City+ to Full City+.
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Africa 1 lb 2 lbs 5 lbs 10 lbs 20 lbs *
Rwanda Small Producers Mutovu Cooperative $6.40 add to cart$12.16 add to cart$27.84add to cart$53.12add to cart$101.56add to cart
Mutovu is a complete coffee, well balanced, and a pleasant (not aggressive) level of complexity. It has apple-like fruited brightness, sweet spice, and caramel-vanilla sweetness from beginning to end. Cool cup shows stone fruit, grape, and apple, fading into bittersweet cocoa and lingering tea-like tannins. Bergamot citrus and a strong sense of Earl Grey tea also emerge rounding out an already beautiful cup. City to Full CIty.
Full Review
Tanzania Bergfrieden Estate AA $6.35 add to cart$12.07 add to cart$27.62add to cartLimit 5 pounds
City/City+ level brings out fruit flavors of golden raisin and apple, with deep raw sugar flavor from start to finish. Full City roasts have a juiciness that carries slight fruit notes with it. This is a very clean cup, and with a nice balance of sweetness, refreshing acidity, and even a slight tannic sensation in the finish. City to Full CIty makes great brewed coffee.
Full Review
Rwanda Gakenke Ruli $6.30 add to cart$11.97 add to cart$27.41add to cart$52.29add to cart$100.02add to cart
Pungent fruit flavors in the cup, with papaya, pineapple, and a bit of grapefruit. The sweetness is like cane sugar, with a heavy black tea note. There's a tartness in both flavor and acidity, like a sweet lime, or even tart lemonade (and really with the tea it's like Lipton iced tea with lemon). City+ and Full City roasts see fruits ranging from fresh stonefruit to tropical. Body is slightly bolstered, though it's not a bodied coffee per se, but rather middle-weighted. Acidity is tartaric, with a brilliance that is mouth refreshing.
Full Review
Burundi Mwaro Rusamana $6.75 add to cart$12.83 add to cart$29.36add to cartLimit 5 pounds
The cup has a muscovado sugar flavor, with plump red raisin and a tart flavor of tamarind candy. It's a complex cup, and flavors of herbal and fruited teas shift throughout the roast spectrum. There's a pleasant tannic aspect too, like grape skins, that lingers long into the finish. Full City roasts have plum fruit, and even a slight grapefruit flavor, with sorghum syrupy sweetness. Acidity is high, but not citric or overbearing. Great SO espresso. City to Full City.
Full Review
Burundi Muyinga Murago $6.10 add to cart$11.59 add to cart$26.54add to cartLimit 5 pounds
Light roasts have a distinguishable note of loose-leaf black tea. This coffee cups best in the City+ - Full City roast range, capturing a more developed sweetness that is lost in super light roast levels. Full City roasts have a fairly 'classic' profile for Burundi coffees. To me, the core of this coffee's flavor profile is built around notes of caramel and a raw sugar sweetness, with slight maltiness you find in minimally processed sugars. Spices like cinnamon and clove come in and out of focus as the cup cools along with a faint flavor of cider. City+ to Full City.
Full Review
Indonesia and Asia 1 lb 2 lbs 5 lbs 10 lbs 20 lbs *
Sumatra Lintong Aek Nauli $6.45 add to cart$12.26 add to cart$28.06add to cart$53.54add to cart$102.33add to cart
The flavors vacillate between complex sugars like brown rice syrup and caramel sauce, and fruited notes like muscat grape, rhubarb, and citrus. Flavors shift a bit as the cup cools, opening up to a much more in the way of juicy fruits as well as modest acidity. There is a tarragon note too, and these rustic elements are kept well in balance. The finish has lots of citrus zest and cacao nibs, with a pleasantly bittering effect in the long aftertaste. City+ to Full City+.
Full Review
Sumatra Toba Batak Peaberry $6.45 add to cart$12.26 add to cart$28.06add to cart$53.54add to cart$102.33add to cart
There's flavors of rhubarb pie, spiced apple cider, and rindy citrus acidity. This brightness paired with intense sweetness is unique in Sumatra wet-hulled coffees. There's a dark caramelized sugar note, with a slightly rustic herbaceous note. The finish has a nice black tea note along with a clean brown sugar and fruit sweetness to it. City+ to Full City+.
Full Review
Bali Bangli Kintamani $5.55 add to cart$10.55 add to cart$24.14add to cartLimit 5 pounds
There's a definite sweetness to be found in the cup. Not complex by any means, but flavors of toffee and nut butter provide a fairly solid base of flavors. There's a green herb note too along with a slight astringency in the finish, but these elements settle down with some rest. City+ to Full City+.
Full Review
Sumatra Lintong Sijamapola $6.10 add to cart$11.59 add to cart$26.54add to cart$50.63add to cart$96.94add to cart
The cup is sweet, and with a pungent fruit flavor of jackfruit. Subtle tropical fruit notes come out in the cooling cup, faint citrus zest, apple juice and a weighty, clean mouthfeel. The finish is sweet, and with a lingering flavor of herbal tea. Our dark roast was just outside Full City+ territory and was still very sweet, juicy, and with herbaceous flavors of basil and tarragon. It's a nice cup of coffee that will also do well as an "outside the box" single-origin espresso. City+ to Full City+.
Full Review
Islands and Others 1 lb 2 lbs 5 lbs 10 lbs 20 lbs *
Imported Chicory, Roasted and Cut $5.00 add to cart$9.50 add to cart$21.75add to cart$41.50add to cartLimit 10 pounds
You can't make New Orleans Style coffee without Chicory, and you can't make good New Orleans coffee unless you use a FRESH roast of good coffee roasted to the French stage, and good imported Chicory.
Full Review
Blends 1 lb 2 lbs 5 lbs 10 lbs 20 lbs *
Sweet Maria's Liquid Amber Espresso Blend $6.50 add to cart$12.35 add to cart$28.28add to cart$53.95add to cart$103.10add to cart
A potent, pungent blend for espresso beverages. It's ideal for milk drinks, as this intense bittersweet cuts through the steamed milk. Rustic sweetness, spice, savory notes, long aftertaste. Monsooned coffee and a small percentage of Robusta add crema and body. Vienna roast.
Full Review
Sweet Maria's Espresso Monkey Blend $6.25 add to cart$11.88 add to cart$27.19add to cart$51.88add to cart$99.25add to cart
We blend this for body, balanced between high and low tones, fruited-chocolate roast flavors, and slightly rustic fruited accent notes. Our roast goal is in the beginning stages of 2nd crack ... we never "let it roll", so we recommend FC+ to light Vienna roast.
Full Review
Sweet Maria's French Roast Blend $6.75 add to cart$12.83 add to cart$29.36add to cart$56.03add to cart$106.95add to cart
Designed to endure the rigors of dark roasting, and produce excellent pungent tastes, attractive bittersweet/carbony flavors, and great body.
Full Review
Sweet Maria's New Classic Espresso $6.50 add to cart$12.35 add to cart$28.28add to cart$53.95add to cart$103.10add to cart
A classic, balanced espresso, but without the baggage of the old world espresso conventions ...and without robusta! The espresso has balanced bittersweet notes, thick and opaque body, almond and chocolate roast flavors, hints of peach tea, spice, jasmine.
Full Review
Decaf 1 lb 2 lbs 5 lbs 10 lbs 20 lbs *
Guatemala Huehuetenango Xinabajul SWP Decaf $7.35 add to cartLimit 1 pound
It's a sweet cup through and through, with a finish that's on the syrupy side. Notes of toasted sugar are prominent and structured subtle spice notes, brown rice syrup and sweet tobacco. Full City roasts really boast bold chocolate flavors and are complimented by layered chocolate roast attributes. This will make an outstanding single-origin espresso. City+ to Full City+.
Full Review
El Salvador Matalapa-Fana SWP Decaf $7.35 add to cart$13.97 add to cart$31.97add to cart$61.01add to cart$116.19add to cart
This is a fairly straight forward cup, with a well rounded profile of unrefined sugar sweetness, flecks of fruited notes, and slight malic acidity. Flavors of peach skin and orange pekoe come out in both light and dark roasts, and acidity tends to sparkle 'brightest' at around the City+ roast range. This coffee definitely builds in body with roast, and darker, Full City/Full City+ roasts will make a great option for decaf espresso. City+ to Full City.
Full Review
Ethiopia Shebele-Shakiso SWP Decaf $7.50 add to cart$14.25 add to cartLimit 2 pounds
The cup has a thick, syrupy sweetness to it and is very fruited. Light roasts have notes of baked fruits like strawberry and blueberry pie filling. There's a slight rustic sweetness that is definitely from the decaffeination, but really it comes off as a sort of sweet grain flavor. Our Full City roast has a rich chocolate flavor, with caramel fading to dusty cocoa powder and roasted chicory. This is a very flavorful decaf, and really one that I would say is difficult to ID on a table of regular dry-processed coffees. City+ to Full City+.
Full Review
Mexico Organic Los Grapos CO2 Decaf $6.20 add to cart$11.78 add to cart$26.97add to cart$51.46add to cart$98.48add to cart
This decaf cups subtle and sweet. It has a delicate caramel flavor in light roasts that's accompanied by a nice flavor of apple juice. The acidity is moderate and malic, and there's a rye note in the background that comes into focus in the finish. A nice basic cup of decaf, that does best in the City+ Full City roast range.
Full Review
Costa Rica Palmeras Decaf $6.25 add to cart$11.88 add to cart$27.19add to cartLimit 5 pounds
When hot, spices like nutmeg and all-spice highlight the cup profile, shifting toward caramel and cocoa as the temperature cools a bit. The sweet aspect takes on a malt and molasses flavor in the finish. There's a gentle acidity that is tea-like, and balances the overall cup profile. This coffee cups markedly better with at least 24 hours rest, but even better at 48 hours if you can plan ahead.
Full Review
Robusta 1 lb 2 lbs 5 lbs 10 lbs 20 lbs *
Thumbs Down 1 lb 2 lbs 5 lbs 10 lbs 20 lbs *

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Sweet Maria's
Green Coffee
Sampler Packages*

Trying a sampler is the best way to get started home roasting. Especially if you are not sure what coffee to choose. We can not promise a particular origin in the sampler since we try to include a coffee from every coffee growing continent, and a range of processes.

Samplers are a great value - if you ordered the same coffees ala cart from our list - you would spend 20 to 25% more! All the coffees in the samplers are the same quality as what we offer on the list - no bargain basement special.

You will be prompted to choose the size of sampler and coffees you want in the sampler - all regular, all decaf, half decaf/half regular, or espresso. The selection on the espresso sampler contains some of our blends and some other single origins good for espresso straight or blended. There is a small premium on 1/2 decaf-1/2 regular and all decaf samplers as those coffees are more expensive.

The 4 Pound Sampler:
four great coffees, 1 Lb. of Each

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...a careful selection from Indonesia, Africa, South America and Central America,
(our choice) -1 pound of each.

(note: 4lb espresso sampler will be mostly/all espresso blends)

One sampler per order, please


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The 8 Pound Sampler:
eight great coffees, 1 Lb. of Each

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