Imported Chicory, Roasted and Cut

For me, having lived and roasted coffee in New Orleans, I have a soft spot for this flavor, and continue to offer it here despite the fact that the "coffee cupper superego" in me indicates that I shouldn't. To heck with taste, up with the culture! Freshness? This stuff keeps its character a long long time. Keep it in a sealed container so it doesn't absorb other food odors though.As a side note: technically the Chicory is cut, not ground. It's is also roasted much differently than coffee because of its unusual root shape: it is roasted on a conveyor-type roaster much as peanuts are roasted these days...

Country: Chicory
Region: n/a
Grade: Imported
Processing: Other Process
Crop: 2011
Appearance: Roasted / Cut
Intensity/Prime Attribute: Bold /licorce, anise/body and rootiness
Roast: Already roasted! You can't roast chicory using coffee roasting methods anyway…
Compare to:
Dry Fragrance 0.00
Wet Aroma 0.00
Brightness/Acidity 0.00
Flavor/Depth 0.00
Body/Movement 0
Finish/Aftertaste 0.00
Sweetness 0.00
Clean Cup 0
Complexity 0.00
Uniformity 0.00
Cupper's Correction 0.00
Total 0