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Four Sweet New Additions...

Guatemala Antigua Cafe Pulcal is supremely balanced with mandarin effervescence, silky body and elegant acidity, our first stunner from Central America this year.

Peru Organic Lot #86 has ripe red fruits, intense sweetness, and creamy hot chocolate finish.

Ethiopia Dry-Process Yirga Cheffe Konga is loaded with bing cherry, dried apricot, mango, and chocolate at darker roasts.

Bolivia Sultana Coffee Cherry Tea is the best coffee cherry tea we've ever sourced, tons of hibiscus, tamarind, rose, and super sweet, the amount of time allowed for steeping greatly alters the flavors.

Just in Time for the Weekend...Four New Coffees

Sumatra Lake Toba -Samosir Island is bold with caramelized sugars, bittersweet chocolate and mixed melon undertones.

Colombia Alipio Zuniga Microlot has juicy craisin, green apple, honey and raw pine nut notes with a sugary cocoa finish.

Brazil Dry Process - Fazenda Monte Verde is juicy as well, with tart acidity, berry notes and a weighty mouthfeel.

Tanzania Peaberry - Malala Coop is a fruit basket with lots of berries, pineapple, grape and citrus with notes of raw honey and burnt caramel.


A Pair of Great Bolivia Additions

 Bolivia Organic Bolinda with black cherry flavors, simple syrup sweetness and juicy mouthfeel.

Bolivia Organic La Paz has light caramel sweetness, bittering notes of dutch cocoa, great SO espresso.

New Coffee Gear From This Year's SCAA Show

This year's SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) event/trade show took place two weekends ago in Boston so it was very chilling to hear of the marathon bombings just a day after being there. The tradeshow floor can be overwhelming if you aren't prepared for the thousands of square feet of specialty coffee madness. Luckily, I'm really obsessed with gadgets, devices, products, etc. Here's a few photos I shot of noteable new products spotted while sorting through the endless booths selling syrups, cup sleeves, pods, and smoothie mixes.

One of our favorite drum roaster companies, HotTop, has been working on a touch screen controlled roaster with a 1 kg capacity. I think the folks that stay up late roasting multiple batches with their 1lb drum roasters will be excited. At the time of the show, there were no predictions as to when it will be available or how much it will cost. Hopefully it won't be too expensive.


Two Wonderful New Additions

Ecuador Zamora has raisin, prune and date flavors with rock candy and burnt sugar in this super sweet cup, juicy body, versatile at various roast levels.

Kenya Nyeri AA Gatomboya is loaded with fruit: red grapefruit, pomelo, Meyer lemon, candied orange peel finish, amazing SO espresso with citrus and chocolate.