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Five New Coffees

January 30, 2015


Workshop #34 - Ewe Tu, is the first blend of 2015, which is the Year of the Sheep in the Chinese Zodiac chart. A blend of washed Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea coffees, this is an espresso on the wilder side, syrupy sweet, and loaded with chocolate complexity.

Burundi Kibande Ruyaga is our latest new crop Africa coffee, and strikes a nice balance between honeyed sweetness and lemon-like acidity in the light roast ranges.

Guatemala Huehuetenango Xinabajul Peaberry cups with cleanliness, flavors of apple and caramel, and works great all the way into 2nd snaps. A really nice later arrival Guatemala.

Guatemala Antigua Finca Cabrejo. One of the most balanced and Guatemalas we purchase, not to mention versatile in the roaster, and in brew method. Hopefully we can keep this one going for another few weeks yet!

Papua New Guinea Bauka Ginipa is the newest PNG. All of the Bauka Plantation coffees we bought this year have been unique from one to the next, and this coffee continues that streak, with complex molasses sugars and roasted barley tea flavors.

We're continuing our "roll" of new coffees every weekend

January 23, 2015


Java Sunda Andes is another of the Java Sunda project, this year working with small holders on various peaks in west Java. This lot from the peak "Andes" cups more similar to a Central American coffee than Indonesian, with clean expressions of toffee and chocolate. A balanced cup and "classic" profile single origin espresso.

Nicaragua Jinotega - El Buey. A mild cup with flavors of raw sugar and nut, and acidity that's low in the profile.

Colombia Pitalito Santa Rita is a crowd-pleaser, convincing sweetness with black tea and apple top notes.

Bali Organic Kintamani Agung provides a nice contrast to the washed Java. A wet-hulled coffee, expect rustic sugars and earth tones, mild acidity, and body.

Roasted Coffee: Brazil Dry Process Carmo de Minas & Brazil Fazenda Santa Lucia Yellow Bourbon

 January 21st, 2015  Above: Aaron and myself discussing the roast approach of this weeks coffees.

Brazil being the largest coffee producers in the world, gives us over a billion coffees to choose from. These two Brazilian coffees are a nice representation of two different processing methods as well as sweet and delicious. One could say they are two in a Brazillion! 

Brazil Dry Process Carmo de Minas City+

This dry process coffee has sweet pear in the grinds with a touch of cocoa. The taste is sweet with dried fruits and deep sugar. There is fresh acidity and nice body that finishes nicely.

Brazil Fazenda Santa Lucia Yellow Bourbon Full City

This one also has dried fruits but with more nuttiness heavy with cocoa and thick syrupy body. The Full City roast works well with this Brazil.

Here are the two coffees in their green form:

Brazil Dry Process Carmo de Minas

Brazil Fazenda Santa Lucia Yellow Bourbon 

Here is cool video about natural coffee.

Thanks and hope you love the roasts!

-Danny Goot


Hope your new year has been great so far! It's about to get better...

January 16, 2015
Brazil Dry Process Carmo de Minas has dark fruits, sweet/bittersweet base, nice body, and great for most brewing methods.
Brazil Fazenda Santa Lucia Yellow Bourbon works well on the darker spectrum of roasts. Brown sugar, Layered chocolate sweetness and thick body.
Guatemala Huehuetenango La Libertad tastes of developed sugars, apple, and roasted nut. Balanced throughout multiple roast levels. Rwanda coffees are in too!
Rwanda Coffee Villages shows baking spice, developed sugars, and dark chocolate notes. It's sweet, bright and leaves with a clean finish.
Rwanda Karongi Gitesi is floral, fruited, bright, and has layers of sweetness!
Rwanda Tumba Cocatu has sweet golden raisin, raw honey, caramel malt, and red apple. Fruited citrus notes and thick body to boot!
Peru FTO Junin - Jonathan Tocto Microlot with cane juice sweetness, tart yellow apple notes, malaic acidity, and black walnut finish. A very clean cup!

We have seven brand new coffees to choose from this weekend

January 9, 2014

Burundi Kayanza Mpemba has spice fruits, candied citrus, white grapefruit, and black tea to accompany the acidity.

Burundi Muyinga Kavugangoma brings flavors of apple, dried ginger, all-spice, nice body and brilliant acidity.

Colombia Timana Finca El Paraiso includes raw sugar sweetness, candied nut, malic acidity and a Bosc pear bittering mouthfeel.

Ethiopia Dry Process Sidama Njori is full of berry, with caramel candy, cocoa powder, and baked stone fruits. Sweet and full bodied!

Guatemala Antigua Finca Cabrejo is juicy, alive with crispy acidity and makes a sweet espresso.

Kenya Kiambu Ndumberi AA has sweet brown sugar, caramel, juicy citrus, and pleasant acidity.

Sulawesi Toarco Seletan Peaberry. Honey, apple juice, green grape, bittersweet cocoa, and caramel sweetness is in this Sulawesi.