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Home Storage for Home Roasting

We did another coffee storage test last week in the office.  We wanted to test out some new small tins against our current storage options.  The small tin, pictured below, holds about 55 grams at most.  The idea is that after roasting coffee you would weigh out individual portions, enough for a batch of coffee from your brewing method of choice.  The individual tins would cut down on oxygen exposure as you’re not opening a bag or container on a daily basis.


Two Dual Use Blends For Today

Sweet Maria's Moka Kadir is thick bodied, brooding, fruited with bittersweet chocolate and good as both espresso and drip brew.

Espresso Workshop #29 Uso Doble has honey sweetness, peach, apricot, defined acidity and graham cracker crust finish, also good both for espresso and drip.

Our Battle Tested Technivorm Brewer

It's a little dirty on the outside and is about a month behind it's cleaning schedule but it still makes excellent batches of coffee. We use our Technivorm on a daily basis at the Sweet Maria's office/warehouse and abuse it, making over a thousand pots of coffee a year for our office staff and warehouse crew.


The Able Heat Lid

We usually shake our heads at little aftermarket gimmicks. This could have easily been one...but it's not. The good folks at Able put a lot of thought into what could have been just a silly rubber plug. By itself, your Chemex brewer makes a great cup of coffee that stays hot "long enough" and Chemex already makes a glass lid that keeps in the heat. So what's so good about the Able Heat Lid?


Four Great New Lots

Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul - Lucky Gutierrez is sweet like a butterscotch cookie with grape-like acidity.

Nicaragua Dipilto - Finca El Recuerdo has surprisingly vibrant acidity and baker's chocolate finish.

Kenya Nyeri Tambaya AA is complex with pink grapefruit, pomello, and black tea flavors.

Yemen Hajja Micro-Lot is a lot we've never had before, and has wonderful sweetness paired with fruited notes and spices.