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Sweet Maria's Coffee Podcast: Episode 4 - Roasting With a Popper

On New Year's Day 2014, Tom was out of roasted coffee and decided to solve the problem with his hot air popcorn popper. This method is proof that home coffee roasting can be very simple. Of course, there's something to be said about having full control over roast profiles and such but who wants to fuss over all that when your coffee supply is gone and a popper combined with a little knowledge can save the day?


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Three Great New Additions

Brazil Dry-Process Fazenda IP Yellow Bourbon has malt sugar sweetness, hazelnut, moderate acidity and works well across the roast spectrum.

El Salvador Matalapa-Fana SWP Decaf is a straight-forward cup with unrefined sugar sweetness, flecks of fruited notes and malic acidity.

Guatemala Huehuetenango Xinabajul SWP Decaf is sweet and syrupy with chocolate and subtle spice hints.

Sweet Maria's Coffee Podcast: Episode 3 - Pity Needs a new Pair of Shoes


When in Kenya, and while getting used to the idea of podcasting, Tom recorded some fun conversations.


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Sweet Maria's Coffee Podcast: Episode 2 - Amharic Prounciation

 The Amharic language in Ethiopia is difficult for any Westerner to grasp. In this podcast, Tom gets some informal lessons from some folks during one of his trips.


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Three New Coffees

Sumatra Lintong Aek Nauli has upfront sweetness, brown rice syrup, caramel sauce, Muscat grape, rhubarb, and modest acidity.

Sumatra Onan Ganjang Cultivar is syrupy with sarsaparilla, orange zest, cocoa bitterness, and stone fruit nectar.

Ethiopia Shebele-Shakiso SWP Decaf is our first custom decaf to combine both a...