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Product Guide: Baratza Electric Grinders

We aren't the types to carry a line of products from one company just because it's easier to order and sell things that way. In fact, we do our best to offer some diversity to our customers. Here's a rare exception, when it comes down to Baratza, we really feel that  their line of grinders offer a lot of quality and durability at really good prices. Here's a video explaining some of the differences between the these three grinders...and another in which we explain the differences between different grinders in general.


The Vario


Product Guide: Paperless Brewing

Metal coffee filters are good for different reasons. Some coffee drinkers want a little more body/sediment in their cup. Some people are just trying to use less paper. Whatever the reason, there are pros and cons to using these.



-Your environmental impact is reduced each time you don't use a paper filter

-They can last for a long time, although thin steel and gold may require a little more TLC

-If you like more body, metal filters will let a little more sediment pass through (a little less than a French press)



-If you hate sediment, even a very coarse grind will not eliminate some fines at the bottom of your cup

-You have to keep them clean to keep old coffee oils and particles getting into your next brew



The Disk & Kone


Product Guide: Green Coffee Samplers

We recommend our samplers to anyone who getting started roasting coffee and to experienced roasters who just want to mix it up bit have a little variety sent to their doorstep. Trying a sampler is one of the best ways to get started home roasting, especially if if you are unsure of what coffee to get and our offerings list ends up looking like a maze for your taste buds. Each sampler contains coffee from different growing areas (Central America, South America, Africa and Indonesia) which means that there will be a wide spectrum of flavors. This is as great way to educate your palate and associate growing regions with certain flavor notes.

The coffee that makes up our samplers change almost daily basis so we can't take requests. We can promise that you will get a really good variety and that you will save some money doing so.

We offer 8 pound (8 different coffees) and 4 pound (4 different coffees) samplers. We have espresso and decaf options too. If you choose an 8 pound espresso sampler, we will send some of our Sweet Maria's blends, and some single origins considered good for espresso. The 4 pound espresso sampler will be mostly/all espresso blends.

Keep in mind that we don't purchase cheap-o, old, low quality coffee for samplers (or for any other reason). All sampler coffee is coffee that is currently being sold on our site or has recently gone out of stock. If you really like a coffee from your sampler and we have sold out of it, keep track of the flavor notes on the label and look for other coffees in our offerings that provide the same flavors.

Click here to check them out for yourself.

New Labels

We have changed our shipping labels. We know it's not a concern for some folks but we wanted to let you know that we have put some thought into something as simple as this. In the past, we would need to print an entire sheet of paper with your order and a postcard sized shipping label...and keep them together in a tall stack of other labels and sheets as we picked your coffee and merchandise from our shelves. Now, everything's on one page which has made things run a bit smoother around here. When things run smoother, we pack boxes faster, which means you get your coffee faster. Want to re-purpose this sheet that you will find in your next order? You can cut out your name and address area and use it as a return address label on your next payment to the electric/gas company.

Three Great New Arrivals

Guatemala Antigua Finca Cabrejo has pristine clarity, Bosc pear, black currant, silky mouthfeel, and praline candy finish.

Peru FTO Cecovasa is a simple, but pleasing, cup with brown sugar sweetness, milky body, raisin, and a black tea note.

Ethiopia Kaffa Michiti Coop has a complex character with floral notes, dried peach, Earl Grey, creamy body, fresh ginger, and cinnamon stick.