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New Labels

We have changed our shipping labels. We know it's not a concern for some folks but we wanted to let you know that we have put some thought into something as simple as this. In the past, we would need to print an entire sheet of paper with your order and a postcard sized shipping label...and keep them together in a tall stack of other labels and sheets as we picked your coffee and merchandise from our shelves. Now, everything's on one page which has made things run a bit smoother around here. When things run smoother, we pack boxes faster, which means you get your coffee faster. Want to re-purpose this sheet that you will find in your next order? You can cut out your name and address area and use it as a return address label on your next payment to the electric/gas company.

Three Great New Arrivals

Guatemala Antigua Finca Cabrejo has pristine clarity, Bosc pear, black currant, silky mouthfeel, and praline candy finish.

Peru FTO Cecovasa is a simple, but pleasing, cup with brown sugar sweetness, milky body, raisin, and a black tea note.

Ethiopia Kaffa Michiti Coop has a complex character with floral notes, dried peach, Earl Grey, creamy body, fresh ginger, and cinnamon stick.

Four New Coffees

Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul - Agua Dulce is intensely sweet with buttery caramel, peach, apricot and rhubarb that really make this lot stand out from the rest.

Guatemala Volcan de Fuego Gesha is a single bag of this famed varietal and exhibits some of the floral characteristics of our earlier lot, but this one can take a bit more roast and is still packed with raw sugar sweetness and tropical fruit notes--very limited offering.

Ethiopia Dry-Process Yirga Cheffe Konga is fantastic with dried strawberry, chocolate, floral hints, ripe, sweet fruits ranging from grapefruit, pomello, pear, blueberry and more.

Yemen Mokha Harasi has brown sugar, white peach, nectarine, dark chocolate, syrupy body, and brazil nut.

Sinful Science at The Chabot Space Center

Usually Sweet Maria's coffee roasting demonstrations take place at DIY festivals, classrooms and foodie events so when we were invited to come to a planetarium/science center to participate in an event called Sinful Science, we were very curious as to what was in store. There was actully nothing sinful about this event. It was quite the opposite.


2013 Home Barista "Home Roasters" Competition

That's a lottalotta Gaturiri AB - a NICE buncha coffees.


This year the folks at Home Barista (www.home-barista.com) held their annual home roasters challenge. It’s a friendly competition that invites message board members to submit their roasts of both espresso and brewed coffees to a panel of judges who then pick the top coffees and provide feedback on all of the roasts. It’s a friendly competition and a great way for home roasters to have their craft evaluated. Needless to say, we once again graciously accepted the invitation to judge the brewed coffee portion, and going off of the quality of last year’s roasts, were excited to cup this year’s entries.


One major difference in the brewing part this year was the decision to limit the entrants to one coffee option. Last year there were a few different coffees for them to choose from, regionally and processing-wise. One benefit of this for the roaster is the chance to roast a coffee that they are already familiar with. But for judging, a variety of coffees makes deciphering roast quality more difficult. So this year all contestants roasted our Kenya Nyeri Gaturiri AB, keeping the focus on roast differences, instead of varietal and processing.