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Subscription Coffees are in route! Costa Rica Familia Bonilla - Beneficio / Ethiopia Dry Process Gr. 1 Yirga Cheffe Dumerso

 July 10, 2014


Costa Rica Familia Bonilla - Benefecio:  This City roast represents a beautiful honey sweetness when sipping it hot in the cup! It also has a very nutty quality that doesn't leave a dryness in the aftertaste with very clean semisweet cocoa finish. As it cools, a juicy ruby red grapefruit acidity comes upfront while continuing to stay sweet and snappy.


Ethiopia Dry Process Gr. 1 Yirga Cheffe Dumerso:  I took this selection to City+ roast. There is ripe strawberry all the way through along with clean acidity that resembles green grape skins. Cooling down, it showcases more of a berry fruit salad sweetness behind the surprisingly high acidity that isn't found too often in dry processed coffees. 


-Danny Goot


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Costa Rica Familia Bonilla - Benefecio

Ethiopia Dry Process Gr. 1 Yirga Cheffe Dumerso

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Podcast: Processing Coffee at Gitesi, Rwanda

July 3, 2014

During a trip to Rwanda, Tom documented his visit to the Gitesi processing station. This is where we get a lot of our Rwandan coffee from. The son of the mill's owner answers a lot of questions about the drying and processing that happens there.  He also talks a bit about their future plans to expand and produce greater volumes of coffee.


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Five new coffees are ready to ship your way!

All of these coffees are available in quantities up to 20lbs.


Costa Rica Familia Bonilla - Beneficio is fruited with pink grapefruit and apple. Tart, brisk acidity with a walnut and red apple finish.

Panama Boquete Finca San Sebastian shows creamy caramel and butter pecan,with tartaric acidity. Big body, crisp acidity, and refreshing mouthfeel.

Mexico FTO Chiapas Grapos Cooperative has a dark sugar and butter sweetness, along with flavors of roasted nut. Its a bodied cup, and holds up at the darker roast levels with a clean finish.

Mexico Org. Oaxaca La Lagunilla Cooperative has a mild profile of dark sugar and roasted nut. A fresh tobacco flavor carries into the finish with rustic sweetness.

India Monsooned Malabar shows best in the darker roast levels or as a blend application. Earthy and pungent, with some sweet/bittersweet sugars in the finish. Its strength is body, and will make an interesting cup for fans of earthy, low acid cup.

ROASTED COFFEE SUBSCRIBERS! Ethiopia Sidama Dereje Station / Congo Kivu Bukavu-Beni

Two African coffees with completely different cup profiles are coming your way... 
Congo Kivu Bukavu-Beni - Full City
I roasted this coffee to a Full City to showcase it's charming earthiness and tobacco essence. The body is hearty with a milk chocolate mouth feel and a touch of roughness for those that enjoy Sumatra characteristics. A very comforting coffee to brew with your favorite desert. 
Ethiopia Sidama Dereje Station - City
This selections was roasted to a City roast to keep the complexity of all the fruit notes and citrus sweetness. The nose of this brew is full of fresh tangerine and citrus fruits. Brewed with the Trifecta we have in our lab, it held up all of its sugary notes and fresh clean acidity. 
Here are links to the green coffees and some other cool things:

Just in time for the weekend

Ethiopia Dry Process Gr. 1 Yirga Cheffe Dumerso is loaded with fruit flavors and bittersweet roasted cocoa notes. Mango, jackfruit, and melon to red berry jam, dried apricots, and cooked peach come through as well as a strong spice mix. Available in quantities up to 20lb bags.

Kenya Kagaari Kanja Peaberry offers a nice culmination of developed sugar sweetness and fruit flavors.

Congo Kivu Bukavu-Beni has fresh tobacco, unrefined sugars, and a slight jute flavor too. Fruits like banana and ones with tropical pungency come out in the cool cup. Available in quantities up to 20lb bags.

Guatemala Antigua Caracol is a dense bean, great for home roasting, and holds up well to dark roasts. Caramel sweetness, grape and dark berry fruit flavors, and some citrus. Moderate acidity throughout the roast range.

Sumatra Toba Batak Peaberry is bodied, and carries a nice thick sweetness of brown rice syrup, dried tropical fruits and dark berries. Flavors shift toward rindy citrus and black tea in the finish. Available in quantities up to 20lb bags.