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New Java arrivals along with a Guatemala and Sumatra

Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul - La Viuda Evelia has caramel syrup sweetness alongside malic fruits like apple and pear.

Java Sunda - Pak Kanda with raw cacao nib flavors, walnuts coated in butter and chocolate, an amazing new lot from our Sunda project, limited quantity available.

Java Sunda - Pak Rukman is another Sunda lot with clean milk chocolate sweetness, citrus rind notes, and raw almond.

Sumatra Lintong Pearung has papaya and green apple in light roasts along with malted sugar and cream.

Product Guide: Coffee Portability

There are lot of coffee travel containers on the market. If you go to any department store, cafe' or airport gift shop, chances are they have travel mugs for sale. They are also a hot item in those catalogs where you can put your company's logo on a product and order 100's of them for really cheap. What is the difference between those and the the models we sell? Quality. We really believe in the Nissan/Thermos and Zojirushi products we carry because of their durability and function.


On the Go


New Crop Rwanda Lots and Another Sumatra

Rwanda Karenge Coffee Villages has structured brightness and black tea bitterness in the finish, darker roasts have maple cookie and toasted sugar.

Rwanda Karongi Gitesi with raw sugar sweetness, buttery flavors and creamy vanilla hints.

Sumatra Grade 1 Mandheling has a tropical side with red fruit punch along with burnt caramel and rustic sweetness.

Five New Coffees

Costa Rica Tarrazu - Jardines de Luijim has juicy peach nectar, toasted caramel, and sweet cocoa.

Guatemala Patzun - Finca Santa Anita has refreshing acidity, nectarine, apricot, and a honeyed finish with bittering cacao nib notes.

Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul - Francisco Mendez is juicy with ripe green grape, stewed pears and Hershey's syrup sweetness.

Ethiopia Dry-Process Chelelektu Yirga Cheffe is supremely sweet with strawberry, raisin, cherry juice, lychee, papaya and is remarkably clean with floral hints, this is one of the top Dry Processed lots we've cupped in a long while.

Kenya Nyeri Karindundu AA has grapefruit juice acidity, focused flavors of black tea and caramel.

A New Guatemala Lot and The Western Hemisphere XL Sampler

Guatemala Huehuetenango El Turbante has raisin, plum, green nut, and citrus rind in a very approachable cup.

XL South/Central America Sampler is another great value, for the price of one 20 lbs. bag you get four different 5 lbs. bags from 3 different regions, each sampler will include 2 Guatemala coffees along with 2 additional lots selected from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, or Peru. As with all the XL samplers we will select the coffees, so no special requests, but rest assured we will select four outstanding lots that represent the balanced and sweet lots Central and South America have to offer.

We are really enjoying these Swiss Water Process decafs created from our own single-origin lots. By sending fresh arrivals, that we've carefully sourced, we can ensure an outstanding cup for all those caffeine sensitive folks out there. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Ethiopia Busa Bechane SWP Decaf has clean caramel, vanilla, apple juice, fresh peaches, and silky mouthfeel.

Guatemala Finca Camelias SWP Decaf has dried apple, brown rice syrup sweetness, and is a good basic, daily drinking decaf.

Sumatra Toba Batak Peaberry SWP Decaf is earthy-sweet with Chai spice, papaya, jack fruit, chocolate and great Indonesia cup character.