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A few welcome changes to our website

We are upgrading our shopping cart this Memorial Day weekend in order to make it easier to use with tablets and mobile devices. Though we are sad to lose that mid-90s quirky feel of the old site, we decided for the sake of functionality it was time to move forward. All of the coffee resources and information are still available, and with the new navigation articles and media will be easier to find. We also like that our new cart offers smarter shopping functions for filtering as well as comparing products and coffees. Since quite a few of you have asked us, we are also happy to announce that we will now be accepting PayPal as a payment option. Some of the pages, including the homepage, coffee shopping filters, and extended reviews are a work in progress and we will continue to improve. We hope that you like shopping and browsing the new site!  As always we welcome your questions and feedback.


Here's a few changes we are pretty exicted about:


-The new menu bar at the top of the screen will give you access to any bit of information, coffee or product on our site.


Decaf Lovers...Check This Out!


Rwanda Karenge Coffee Villages SWP Decaf is intensely sweet and a surprisingly clean cup with subtle fruits that build in a cooling cup.
Brazil Pedralva Fazenda Furnas SWP Decaf is a fruit-forward cup, sweet and juicy, and one that cups with a complexity we're not used to tasting in decaf coffees.

Burundi-Ethiopia Coop Blend SWP Decaf
is a dense bodied coffee with structured sweetness. The acidity is quite complex and berry-like, which really took us by surprise!
Yemen Mokha Ismaili starts the season off right with rustic sweetness and a multitude of fruit notes that shift as much with roast as they do with temperature.

Podcast:More About Coffee Lexicons

Tom and Chris Schooley sit down in Chris's kitchen to cup some coffees and talk about the information that Tom brought back from his meeting at Kansas State University where he met with sensory professionals. Please excuse the slurping and spitting noises that are common in every cupping room.

Here's three new coffees

Fazenda Sao Francisco Microlot - it's a fairly complex cup, not just for a Brazil, nicely fruited, sweet, and with relevant acidity

Brazil Pulp Natural Santa Lucia Yellow Bourbon - Being a Pulped Natural, there is cleanliness to the cup profile with the 'richness' of chocolate and some nice dried fruits.

Colombia Huila WP Decaf. It's a refined decaf, with balanced sweetness and acidity. Have a great weekend!