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Campin' and Roastin'...and Brewin'


Danny's been roasting coffee with very large commercial sized machines for a long time and has never tried roasting with a Whirley Pop popcorn popper. On his last camping trip, he took a Whirley with him and roasted a few batches.


Method 1: Large camp stove


Method 2: Single burner backpacking stove


Brew it!...using a #6 filtercone and a Nissan Thermos.

Three new coffees are available and ready to go!


Guatemala Cuilco - Finca El Regalito has a dense brown sugar sweetness and fruits like golden raisin, apricot, plum and black currant. Malic acidity cuts through along with an undercurrent of bittersweet cocoa that lasts long into the finish.

Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul - Familia Castillo brings honeyed sweetness, roasted nuts, and fruited top notes. This lot builds chocolate flavors with roast and makes a great daily cup of coffee with a medium body.

Kenya Nyeri Rukira Peaberry showcases blackberry, raspberry, pomegranate, and citrus, in this dynamic cup. Flavors grow and shift as the cup cools, from jammy fruits, to citric high notes, to tart pomegranate, this coffee has it all in spades.

Podcast: The Burundi Coffee System

July 16, 2014


Tom describes the subjects of this podcast as "obscure details" but it's actually pretty interesting. We hope you enjoy his reflections on Burundi's coffee industry, production systems, colonial history, co-ops and other organizations.

Coming Soon: Behmor Plus Updates

July 15th, 2014

We are really looking forward to the new Behmor Plus roasters. Behmor says we should expect them around the second week of September. The panels will arrive sooner. Panel production is scheduled to be complete by the end of this week and once they are ready they'll enjoy a quick plane ride to North America.

The Behmor Plus roasters will cost $369 and the new panels will cost $50.

We aren't taking pre-orders for either item but if you click "Sign up to get notified" on the old Behmor product page, you will be sent an email as soon as we get them in stock. We'll even send you updates with any information about their arrival once they are on the boat and on the way to our warehouse.  We think this is better than holding onto everyone's credit card info for a couple weeks. Behmor has planned ahead and is planning on producing more than usual to supply the demand.

We'll also post updates on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Email us at info@sweetmarias.com and include "Behmor Plus" in the subject line.

Thanks for your patience! We look forward to sending you your new Behmor soon.


Three New Central American coffees

July 11, 2014

Honduras Ocotepeque Manuel Espana is a nice daily drinker, with balance between flavors of dark sugar, toasted nut, and tea-like acidity.

Costa Rica Roger Solis La Casona is one of two coffees we're adding from San Martin de Tarrazu. This one's fully washed and shows ultra-sweet caramelized sugar flavors along with brilliant, berry-like acidity.

Costa Rica Yellow Honey San Marcos Arracache is a cleanly...