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Cuptober Fest 2013

Our Coffee Shrub roasting wizard, Chris Schooley flew in yesterday and roasted a few batches on our Probat L12. He roasted one to near perfection and really messed up the others...and then he borrowed Tom's skillet and totally scorched a small batch as well. OK, wait! Yes, he did all this on purpose, and for a good reason too. A little while back, Chris blogged about stretching out roasts so we thought it would be fun to get some folks together and taste the differences between roast batches that have been extended, shortened, baked and scorched.


A New Guatemala Lot and Two New Blends

Guatemala Huehuetenango - Tono Sanchez has blackberry syrup, apple juice and pear married with dark chocolate and cinnamon.

Sweet Maria's Aviador Dro Decaf Blend is a great dual use blend that works well across the roast spectrum with simple syrup sweetness and big body.

Sweet Maria's Altiplano Blend is another dual use blend that has apricot sweetness, silky mouthfeel, and black tea notes.

We are investigating trendy new brewing methods in the lab today. Dan and a French flip drip circa 1920.

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Eat Real: A Real Success

The Eat Real Festival here in Oakland, CA gets bigger and better each year. This is why we are always so excited to get invited back to share our love of coffee roasting with curious folks. We sent a lot of future home roasters home with samples of our very chocolate-y and mellow Brazil Fazenda Sao Benedito. The folks at Eat Real really stepped it up this year and created an area just for coffee vendors so it was a blast being around the thing we love.


Home Storage for Home Roasting

We did another coffee storage test last week in the office.  We wanted to test out some new small tins against our current storage options.  The small tin, pictured below, holds about 55 grams at most.  The idea is that after roasting coffee you would weigh out individual portions, enough for a batch of coffee from your brewing method of choice.  The individual tins would cut down on oxygen exposure as you’re not opening a bag or container on a daily basis.