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Five New Coffees Today

Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul - Jorge Recinos is super sweet with nectarine, plum, hazelnut, and dark caramel finish.

Ethiopia Grade 1 Dry-Process Guji Shakiso is viscous and sweet with layers of chocolate, orange marmalade, pineapple, and guava juice.

Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Gedeo has pure honey sweetness, Bergamot citrus, and a refreshing mouthfeel, this is a superb cup.

Java Sunda - Pak Yayat Typica with flavors like Mexican hot chocolate, green grape acidity and creamy body.

Mexico Organic Los Grapos CO2 Decaf is subtle and sweet with caramel notes, apple juice, and a rye note in the background, we don't often find CO2 decafs that are up to our standards, this is an exception.

New Burundi and Peru Arrivals

Burundi Muyinga Muraga has a classic profile with caramel, raw sugar, cinnamon, clove and weighty body.

Peru Puno - Flora Mamani Pinto Microlot is a limited lot with honey, golden raisin, Comice pear, along with milk chocolate.

Peru Puno - Julio Huanco Castro Microlot is another very limited lot with white grape, apple juice, dark sugar and caramel sauce.

The First Offerings of 2014

Colombia Cauca Popayan Decaf has lively acidity for a decaf coffee. It's bright at lighter roasts and with lots of dark sugar sweetness. Great as espresso too.

Costa Rica Palmeras Decaf is a solid water processed decaf with flavors of caramel and baking spices. A great daily drinking coffee!

Finally, Guatemala Chimaltenango Xejuyu is a versatile and sweet coffee, with fruited notes of apple and Asian pear. The sweetness is like simple syrup and with just the right amount of acidity, making for an overall balanced cup of coffee. This one's great as SO espresso too.

Happy Holidays with seven new lots

Colombia Pedregal - Agua Blanca Microlot has sweetness like honey sticks with delicate dried floral hints and complex sugar browning notes of caramel and butterscotch, very limited quantity available.

Colombia Huila - Pitalito Microlot is yet another outstanding fresh arrival, replete with golden raisin alongside fruit juice flavors of pear and apple.

Ethiopia Anfilo-Shebel Fana Cooperative with soft acidity (pomelo), red berry, stone fruit flesh, candied citrus, and Dutch drinking cocoa.

Guatemala Patzun - Finca Santa Anita has nectarine, apricot, caramel, milk chocolate, and a honeyed finish.

Java Sunda - Pak Andri is nicely fruited with green melon, apple, dried apricot, and a pleasant, English Breakfast tea-like quality.

Rwanda Kivu Kanzu is so juicy, with caramel sweetness, red honey, apple, pear, and is very "complete" in terms of acidity, sweetness, and body.

Rwanda Tumba Cocatu has a thick body, cane juice sweetness, pulpy citrus and chocolate roast tones.

Product Guide: Scales...Do it the right weigh.

When roasting or brewing your own coffee, using a scale keeps you from playing a guessing game and wondering later why today's cup of coffee doesn't taste like yesterday's cup. Not using a scale could mean your green coffee batch size, roasted coffee dose or amount of water could be different each time. There's nothing wrong with saving a few seconds by guess-timating, but if you are the type that wants more control over your cup, using a scale is worth that counter space and a few moments of your time.


All Purpose Scales