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Sweet Maria's Coffee Podcast: Episode 1 - Coffee Buying and Travel

Our first podcast takes place as Tom grinds and brews a cup of coffee in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He clears up a few misconceptions that people have about what happens after he steps off airplanes in origin countries. Learn about what goes into purchasing the coffee that ends up in your home roaster.

-recorded on Jan. 28th 2014


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A New Kenya Lot and the Return of the XL Africa Sampler:

 Kenya Nyeri Gatomboya AA has a complex profile with well defined flavors of red grapefruit, lemon, kiwi, white grape juice, tangerine and apple.

The XL Africa Sampler returns with value and variety, this iteration will consist of two Ethiopia lots, one Burundi, and one Rwanda.

Two New Coffees

Brazil Dry-Process Familia Campos has bold sweetness, unique acidity, for a Brazil lot, with hints of red raspberry, cooked banana and molasses.

Sumatra Toba Batak Peaberry this year has intense sweetness, rare for a wet-hulled lot, with rhubarb pie, spiced apple cider, rindy citrus acidity, and clean, black tea-like finish.

Four New Coffees

Colombia Huila Pitalito - Guttierrez Calderon with apple, chocolate, citrus oil, and black tea, good for SO espresso.

Colombia Narino Buesaco has raw sugar sweetness, a touch of malic acidity, silky mouthfeel, and cocoa finish.

Kenya Nyeri Gaturiri AA is a complex cup with heavy body, pomello, naval orange, lemon, pineapple, mango, the list goes on; one of our top Kenya lots of the year.

Espresso Workshop #30 - Harmonic Tremor is our newest blend with restrained acidity, caramel sauce, salt water taffy, and a long finish with dark cacao notes.

Just in Time for the Weekend...New Coffees

Brazil Dry-Process Fazenda Furnas Lot 1 has viscous body, fruited notes of dried pineapple, green grape, banana, mango, and remarkable refined caramel sweetness.

Brazil Fazenda do Serrado PN Yelllow Bourbon with a creamy root beer note, sweet almond, caramel, and apple-like acidity.

Bali Bangli Kintamani has definite sweetness, toffee, and nut butter, benefits from at least 48 hours rest.

Sumatra Lintong Sijamapola with pungent jackfruit notes, subtle tropical fruit, herbaceous tea, tarragon, and a weighty mouthfeel.