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Oh Happy Day, early Guatemala arrivals...

Guatemala Volcan de Fuego Guacatepeque has good caramelized sugar sweetness, dark toffee and almonds along with raisin notes, a classic "crowd pleaser" cup.

Guatemala Finca Candelaria - Lote Nueces with a citrus rind twist, bracing acidity, orange-laced chocolate, and persistent sweetness throughout the finish.

Ethiopia Organic Suke Quto is a complex cup with floral notes, stone fruits, melon, dark brown sugar and coffee cake crust at darker levels.

Sumatra Toba Batak Peaberry with dark dried plum-raisin fruit, stewed rhubarb, spiced apple cider, syrupy body and amazing sweetness (for a Sumatra lot).

One super special Colombia microlot

Colombia Pedregal Figueroa Quintero Microlot is a juicy cup with red apple, green grape, ripe orange and cherry. Raw almond and milk chocolate at lighter roasts, cacao nib finish at darker levels. Great SO espresso.

A trio of amazing micro lots

Bolivia Organic Copacabana has loads of honey and floral sugar, raw almond, orange juice and cocoa powder finish.

Peru Organic Puno Lot #14 is very creamy with chocolate syrup flavor and subtle malic acidity.

Peru Organic Puno Quispe is a fruit forward cup, one of the most outstanding Peru arrivals of the year, almost like a grape fruit roll-up, there's also sultry fudge and a pleasant Assam tea finish.

New Coffee March Madness

Bolivia Organic Caranavi Uchumachi has Nutella-like flavor with dried orange peel brightness and an acidic snap.

Kenya Nyeri Gaturiri AB is notable for its well-integrated acidity, plum preserve notes and cinnamon spice.

Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate has a range of tropical fruit: guava and papaya along with citrus zest and cocoa.

Colombia Narino Gerardo Lorenzo SWP Decaf one of a trio of amazing new SWP decafs we sent up to Canada, this lot is surprisingly delicate with orange zest and a transparent, clean character.

Ethiopia Illubabor Baaroo SWP Decaf has lightly caramelized sugar notes, floral hints, and blackberry leaf tea accents.

Java Pitaloka SWP Decaf has deep body, toasted caramel, bittering notes of cacao and baker's chocolate.

New Colombia: Pedregal Vereda Agua Blanca

Colombia Pedregal Vereda Agua Blanca with tropical fruit notes like asian pear, passion fruit, and a hint of guava. Darker roasts will give you a little marshmallow and cacao. This coffee serves as a very nice SO espresso too.