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Holey Bags, Batman!

Ever notice those little holes in the bags we ship our coffee in? Believe it or not, we actually take the time to punch them into every bag. This allows the coffee to breathe during shipping and in your green coffee storage area.

Air circulation is important. In humid environments, condensation can form in an airtight bag or container since the moisture both in the coffee and around it has nowhere to go but if you live in an environment with stable temperature, you shouldn't have to worry. Some folks like to store green coffee in cloth bags which we think is an excellent method for large amounts and longer storage times but the plastic bags you receive your coffee in work very well too.

The best way to keep your coffee fresh is to simply roast, brew and drink it within a month or so after it gets to your doorstep. Leave it to us to worry about bulk storage. We are lucky to have a warehouse that is very stable in temperature. It does get a little cold during the winter but never too hot during the summer.


We've added another Guatemala to the list

Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca Rosma is as juicy as ever, loaded with honey and dark sugars, as well as fruits like blackberry and grape. This makes for a syrupy bodied cup, and at Full City roast, shots of espresso are out of this world! Look out for tomorrow's additions too, which include one more Guatemala as well as two more Kenyas.

New Coffee: Two Exciting Guatemalas

Guatemala Acatenango Gesha is very, well, 'Gesha' in character with all the florals, sweet citrus, and fruited notes we've come to expect from this particular coffee. It's such a beautiful cup, especially in the City/City+ roast ranges. This year saw a good harvest, so we're offering it in 1, 2, and 5lb increments.

Guatemala Huehuetenango Cuilco is a custom-built lot by us, put together from several farm samples of closely neighboring farms in the Cuilco region. This coffee strikes a nice balance between brown sugar sweetness, roasted nut flavors, and malic acidity, making a great brewed cup and a fairly 'classic' profiled SO espresso.

How we do. How we roast. How we brew...with Maria

How I brew coffee at home  by Maria


Basically,  I don’t make coffee at home.  I usually drink green tea


"The reasons are simple:

1) I like good coffee.

2) I am sloppy about measuring and brew time, and this invariably means a sub-par cup.

3) Despite running a coffee business, I do not usually have fresh coffee at home, and I don’t want to brew something old.

4) Going out for coffee is risky. Even if I pay $4 a cup (which is sort of ridiculous), I am...

"We're baaaack..."

Guatemala, Moka Kadir and Workshop #31 fans, today is your lucky day. These coffees are all back in the house.

Guatemala Antigua Pulcal Inteligente is an elegant coffee with mellow fruit notes and a sweet caramel/toffee finish.

Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul - "El Mecanico" Mendez is very balanced with notes of baked fruit, white grape, caramelizing sugars and pistachio making for great drip and espresso.

Espresso Workshop #31 Level Three has returned and is a heavy, syrupy sweet coffee with chocolate, berry and citrus notes.

Moka Kadir is back as well with a dark, thick, smokey body like molasses. It's a wild dual-use coffee that has fruit nectar and bitter-sweet chocolate in the finish.