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Guatemalas are back in stock!

-Guatemala Acatenango Finca San Diego Buena Vista has the balance and structure of a well-rested coffee, and 'classic' Guatemala cup characteristics

-Guatemala Alotenango Finca Candelaria has refreshing acidity, and makes for a great dual-use brewed coffee/espresso

-Guatemala Volcan de Fuego Guacatepeque has an intermingling of malt sugar, and mandarin-like acidity, that makes for a nice, approachable cup.


We're always excited when Guatemala season begins, and these 3 lots are definitely starting us off on a good foot!

Three Great New Coffees

Nerd Nite's Field Trip

About a month ago, we did a short demo at a lecture series here in Oakland called Nerd Nite. We were excited to be invited back to teach one of their "Field Trips", a longer, more hands-on demo at Tech Liminal (one of our favorite places to teach coffee roasting). In a matter of 2 hours, a class of 20 tasted different brewed coffee, roasted coffee in popcorn poppers, learned about a few other roasting methods and learned some basic brewing methods.


Five New Coffees

Brazil Fazenda Santa Ines - Samantha Junqueira is very thick bodied with fruited, complex chocolate notes.

Burundi Kirimiro Kibungere Lot 1 is also thick bodied with apple, raisin and sugar cane notes. It's great as an SO espresso.

Burundi Mwaro Rusamana is complex with tea notes and fruit flavors.

Colombia Familia Guerra - La Gallineta has apple juice, pear, golden plum with a nectar-like body.

Rwanda Gakende Ruli has a medium body with...

Coming to a Patch of Grass Near You...

We have sold out of "skunk logo" soccer balls and decided it was time for a new design, complete with arabica shrub branch graphics. They should be up for sale on our site very soon.