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10th Anniversary Party

Hello one and all - Tom and I find it hard to believe but this fall the business is 10 years old! To mark the occasion we are throwing a small bash here at the warehouse. Nothing fancy - we will have some coffees brewed up and home brewed beer, maybe some special give-aways (like t-shirts or coffee), folks can try their hand at the South American coin tossing game called "sapo", and just to make sure that folks who wish to embarrass themselves have a chance to - a karaoke machine! Where: our warehouse located at 1115 21st Street, Oakland CA 94607 When: Friday October 26th, from 3pm to 6pm (or whenever we pull the plug on the karaoke machine) If you think you will stop in, please let us know so we can plan ahead. Please reply to maria@sweetmarias.com - Maria & TomMalawi Catimor Cultivar

baby chicken (t-shirt, that is)

We have more than a few requests for kid's shirts, and since Maria and I (Tom) now have a baby, it makes even more sense to print some baby-sized clothes! Ben (left) really liked my Chicken shirt when I wore it, so why not make him his own Baby Chicken shirt. Maybe you know a baby that would like it too. These shirts are paler in color than the adult ones, more like a custard yellow. The logo on the rear (the cup, like the adult) is in black ink.We have 3 sizes: 12 month, 2T and 4T. They are all "Hanes Playwear" brand cotton, but the 12 Month is a stretchy light cotton, while the 2T and 4T are a more typical t-shirt make. As I write this, Ben is 8 months and could wear either the 12 month or even the 2T shirt, although it would a bit long. If you have bought kid's clothes, you know how it is; buy big! Here's a picture of all 3 shirts together, so you can see the size difference.

Mr. Ben Otto Owen in his Baby Chicken Shirt

rwanda and sulawesi new crop arrivals

I found a Sulawesi lot with good rustic sweetness and body. Sulawesi Enrekang "Mount Alla" is from a high altitude micro-climate and is much more of a traditional Indonesia semi-washed coffee than other Sulawesi lots of late. And new crop Rwanda Kinunu Bourbon is in, pure old-style Bourbon cultivar with balance, brightness and citrus subtext.